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  1. Not custom but LT. I’m averaging around 12 on short runs. Best of 19.9 on longer trips. Real world I’d say don’t expect much over 14 average. Towing my 5th wheel camper was around 9.9
  2. So I’ve got a 2020 Silverado 3500 LT. Z71 package, 6.6 gas motor. 4100 miles. White in color, 5th wheel package, truck is of course excellent. Thinking I’m wanting to order a 2022 3500 LTZ. Dealer really wants my truck on trade, but told me honestly I should sell my truck myself as I “ should” be able to get 50,000. He of course couldn’t give me that. Seeing as there appears to be a shortage on this model, how hard will it be to get 50?
  3. Mine will maintain the factory muffler, only thing changed is the big trash can like resonator will be removed
  4. Wanting a bit more rumble. Muffler shop hasnt done any 6.6 gas but many 6.2. Guy recommended taking out the resonator and welding a pipe in its place, will this give more exhaust note without being obnoxious?
  5. Somehow when I first got my new Silverado I set the doors and tailgate to lock after I leave the vehicle in the garage , note this is when I don’t leave the fob inside the truck. Is this called passive licking? I only have the LT so I remember doing it with the fob I think. I don’t like it as I can’t just open the door to get something out without having the fob. How do I undue this?
  6. Here is mine. A whole 700 miles on since January
  7. yes indeed he was doing his job, I dont have a problem with it. Its just he could have nailed 4-6 others. I win!! white truck BTW
  8. Got a speeding ticket yesterday. 69 in the 55. 4 Lane road so I wasn't exactly being hell on wheels. Things is this, closest vehicle to me was at least a 100 feet ahead. Cars to the right of me, cars right on my bumper. I get chosen as the villian and stopped. I didn't even try to use the " I was just keeping with the traffics movement argument as he probably would have written me for 70 instead of 69 which is quite a bit cheaper than 20 mph over. Still knicks me for 149 but at least its been a long time since Ive got any citations. Do you feel the big vehicle sticks out as an easy target?
  9. if you want to see the temp hit your home button
  10. what are you all running for psi? Mine came new with 50 in the front and 70 in the rear? looking for happy medium between ride and mpg, thanks
  11. has anyone found a company making a chrome trim package for the LT mirrors similar to the LTZ,s ?
  12. I ordered a Silverado LT 3500 gas in Sept, right after the strike was on. My first build date was to be the week of November 16th. Yesterday was informed the build date is December 16th. Hopefully that date holds as Id like to at least have a VIN number to get the deal consummated before the end of the year for tax purposes. How long does it take in Transit from Detroit to Mn?
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