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  1. Over the past year, 3 of the 4 original tires developed sidewall blowout and today 4th original tire had a blowout and entire tread separation. 35,000 miles on this final tire, others happened much earlier and lower mileage. I am a careful 67 year old driver. Truck is 2020 Silverado 3500 High Country 4WD/SW non-dually. Wondering if anyone else experiencing issues with original Goodyear tires like this. Upon separation, trim, splash panel and other damage under fender occurred. Grateful I could get off the road safely in rush hour traffic.
  2. Yes, holding down power-on button basically enters into the old ACC configuration, however, the tire pressure screen cannot be accessed unless truck is started. But will try again by holding power button longer.
  3. My apologies to all. I started engine, went to tire pressure screen and pressed the scrolling button for approx 5 seconds until it entered learning mode. Got it corrected. Thanks for inputs.
  4. I’ve double checked the options page and “tire pressure” is there. If engine is running, does not enter into “learn” mode. Strange, as this worked before to access the tire pressure screen without starting engine.
  5. Approx 6 months ago I rotated tires and used following procedure to re-teach new position of wheels on 2020 Silverado 3500 HD (SRW). Today, attempted to do the same and unable to see the tire pressure screen. A software update was performed 2 weeks ago, curious if something changed or something else wrong. Any suggestions appreciated. Manual relearn procedure, Using Uplevel DIC, 2015-2020: Confirm TPMS sensors are properly installed Adjust tire pressures to placard value Apply parking brake Turn vehicle to ON/RUN Scroll the uplevel on the right side of the steering wheel unit Tire Pressure is displayed This option now shows “Start Vehicle to View Application” and cannot scroll to the tire pressure screen. Push and hold the Set/Reset button Horn will chirp twice, DIC displays TIRE LEARNING ACTIVE Use the tool to activate the left front sensor Single horn sounds Repeat for the RF/RR/LR sensors Horn chirps twice to complete the relearn
  6. I just received call back from parts manager at dealership who said my truck was not built with option to use trailering TPMS, that it had to be built at factory and ECM had to be programmed to do so ? So looks like I may be out of luck.
  7. Hi folks, I'm getting a bit confused and frustrated with responses I'm getting from dealership on the TPMS sensors to use in 5th wheel RV. No one seems to know if the TPMS $50ea, I ordered will actually work on my 2020 3500 High Country. I did not order this truck, as it was on lot and was "led to believe" (my bad I know) that setting up the trailer profile would be able to monitor tire pressures as well. If I cannot use the GM parts in the wheels to monitor, I want to cancel the order, get my $300.00 back and go with aftermarket. I ordered PN 84338125 (qty 2) ... still waiting for delivery. Attached is photo of what is behind the license plate of the truck if anyone knows if this is what is needed for trailer monitoring as well. The tpms monitor is working on the four wheels of the truck. Thoughts appreciated. 2020 Chevrolet K3500-1pdf.pdf
  8. Although there are camera connections in the bumper plug-ins, the connector in the bed of my new 2020 truck is only 7-pin plus 4-pin trailer connector on top. Seems odd that they didn't consider someone with gooseneck or RV would want the camera connection in bed of truck. Also, anyone using a 4-pin trailer connector for gooseneck or 5th wheel, is doing so without trailer brakes which I seriously doubt unless they are towing a very old trailer. I suspect this was an oversight, or a reason that escape me. If you'll notice, all of the "invisible trailer" commercials, are bumper pull.
  9. We purchased a 2020 Silverado 3500HD, took to dealer with the p20ee code. The tech reprogrammed the ECM, and downloaded some new software for a tech bulletin. Drove approx 150miles with 5th wheel camper, and check engine light came on again. Stopped by dealer, and was told GM still working on this error to call them back in a couple of weeks. I'll be calling them tomorrow. Truck now has 1,200 miles. Hopefully, a fix is in the works.
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