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  1. This was my first thought. I really hope they do something for the 19/20 MY, similar to what they did with Carplay/Android on the 16 MY (free upgrade). I can't imagine it would be more than a software upgrade, can't see them doing much on the hardware side right before a major interior revamp the following year.
  2. This is my biggest gripe with the new system as it worked wonderfully on the old one. Sadly, GM removed text functionality from the My Link system. They're recommending to use either Apple Carplay or Android Auto.
  3. I had a 2019 Ram Bighorn for 7 months. It was in the shop 6 times, all for issues with the truck. This is all on top of the manufacturer recalls I had done during each oil change (twice if I remember correctly) - but I don't consider a recall to be an issue as I didn't identify it, FCA did. Main issues were the backup camera - 3 visists, brake squeal - 2 visits, and a power folding mirror issue. The backup camera they replaced all parts for and still couldn't resolve, finally on the third visit they completely took the wiring apart and found that the assembly line installed the driver chair into the wiring, so depending on how I was sitting, it would pinch it just right causing it not to work. The brake squeal was never resolved and neither was the power folding mirror (in trying to fold it would violently fold and unfold then finally calm down to fold itself). The RAM drove beautifully and was very, very comfortable. I know others who have a 2020 Ram and have had zero issues. It could just be I had the new model woes as I had a 2010 Ram with no issues. My dad also had a 2010 Ram with no issues. I would buy one again. That said, my 2019 Silverado has given me no issues. My 2016 Colorado never gave me an issue. My Silverado is comfortable, except for the dead pedal and stiffer suspension - however it's not a deal breaker. The navigation and backup camera are better in the Silverado - although I wish it had just a bit bigger screen like the Ram (8.4", wasn't interested in the 12"). Bose sounds a lot better, but that is subjective. I like the bed on the Silverado better as well. MPG is about the same for both trucks. My .02 - drive both, see which one you like and what makes the most sense for your budget. Fair warning - inventory for all 3 manufacturers stinks right now, it's a sellers market.
  4. Will the 2020 HC cluster work on a 2019 RST? I know there are a few graphical changes at the least.
  5. I haven't read all three pages of responses, so I apologize if this has been addressed. But as having owned both a gas Colorado and Silverado, and having a close friend owning both in diesel, I felt I had some insight to share. The Colorado is a fantastic truck. For its size, it's roomy, and does the job well. I had a 2016 Z71 4x4 with the V6. I averaged 24mpg with mixed city and highway driving. Going off-road, it was very sure of itself and I was able to take it through some nasty stuff - including a pretty bad winter storm in Michigan. I had almost 40k miles on it when traded - nothing but oil changes and the few recalls that popped up. It never once gave me an issue. My dad had the WT with the V6 and put almost 80k on it before it got totaled. He never had an issue with it, just standard maintenance and recalls. I don't recall what MPG he got, but it was a bit better than mine, obviously so. He did tow with it quite a bit, never an issue. I traded it in for my Silverado, RST 5.3l 4x4 with Z71, because I met my now wife and went from just me and my lab, to me, my wife and three dogs - 1 lab, 1 GSP, and 1 midsized loveable mutt. The Colorado worked, but it was feeling cramped for road trips. The Silverado has just shy of 16k miles on it. Same thing, only oil changes and recalls - no issues. I'm averaging about 21mpg. The Silverado is comfortable, but the leg room does leave a bit to be desired due to the dead pedal. My buddy bought a GMC Canyon with the diesel soon after I bought my Colorado. The trucks were identical, except his was GMC with the diesel. He paid about 6-7k more for his. He did average about 30mpg. Never had an issue. He traded it in for his Sierra AT4 with the diesel. Last I heard, he's getting upper 20s for MPG. I don't remember off the top of my head how much he paid, and its not true apples to apples comparing a fully loaded AT4 to a mid level RST - but I think it was about 15k difference or so. He's only had it a month, but has taken it on short trips. No issues. He felt the gas engines performed better on test drives, but went with the diesel for the MPG and longevity. If it were me and my money, I would not get the 4 cyl gas engines. IMO, I just don't see them lasting long term like the V8's will. If you're looking for best bang for your buck, I would get a Colorado with the V6 so long as you don't need the space of the Silverado. The Colorado, depending on trim, may be as much as 10k less than that of a similar equipped Silverado. IIRC, I paid about 35k for my Colorado and 43k for my Silverado. If you do need the extra space of the Silverado, the 5.3l V8 is a tried and true engine that should last a long time - all the while providing fairly decent MPG. As for diesel vs. gas... IMO it's an investment. You'll pay a premium for the diesel. If you trade your truck in every few years, never breaking 100k miles on them, it's most likely the up front investment of the diesel will not be recouped at the time of trade in. However, if you do plan to keep this truck for a long time, and will be putting more than 100k miles on it, the upfront investment may be recouped. But even then, is 5-8 mpg really that big a difference at the end of the day? To some, yes, and if so for you, then the diesel is the obvious choice. But, I'd steer clear of the 4cyl in both the Colorado and Silverado.
  6. Quick update on my set. Very happy with them so far. We've had a lot of rain, but usually at night so I haven't had a chance to get a good feel for them on wet pavement. This weekend we did a day trip down to my deer lease and back. About 60% highway/40% city driving and some light off-roading. They handled the mud very well, never once questioned getting around. Average MPG was 21.4. I'm very happy with the tire, and my wife is just as happy. At this point, I would recommend them to anyone considering them. Proof of the MPG.
  7. They're 275/65r18's. I went with P as I don't tow much. Haven't been able to get out in the mud or rain still, but so far very happy with them.
  8. If it's just a family vehicle, you may be able to find similar wheels on craigslist pretty cheap and then sell yours on craigslist to recoup some of the money.FWIW the 6 x 5.5 bolt pattern is very common. You shouldn't have to do anything if at all for different wheels.
  9. Tires were installed today. Didn't do much driving on them, roughly 50 miles at most. So far, very happy with them. The ride is significantly better. On the Wildpeaks, going 70-80 you could really feel the vibrations. On these, they are very smooth. Some road feel, as to be expected, but no more vibration. Almost as good as the OEM highway tires where you couldn't tell you were speeding. Wife could even tell a difference and is happy. I'll do more testing here soon, especially an MPG test and hopefully rain and off road. But, my very rough and initial review - I'm happy. Snapped a few pics on the way home. I'll get more here soon.
  10. The Wildpeaks looked fantastic on the truck and handled well on the road and during some heavy rain, but couldn't shake the vibration. It's unfortunate, but I have the Toyo AT3's on the way. Discount Tire should have them early next week. I'll post some pics and driving impressions. I'm anticipating it being a good fit as I've ran Toyo OP's in the past and had good luck with them.
  11. Did you move forward yet? I bought a pair of Wildpeaks over the weekend and have already had them balanced 3 times and still have vibration issues. Going to return them and am leaning strongly to the Toyo's.
  12. I had new Falken Wildpeak A/T3W put on today. Replaced factory Goodyear Wrangler highway tires. Also gave it a quick bath after all this rain and added a 6 3/4 Antenna Source antenna. On the fence if I like it or not. I never listen to AM/FM and had just taken my factory antenna off, but thought this may add some character and functionality in case I ever need AM/FM for some reason. It did just fine in the car wash, at least.
  13. Thanks. I did some digging and found manuals from 2019 that had that part listed, so definitely looks to be the case. This may just be the best mod yet as I really dislike that faux wood in the truck.
  14. Any reason these wont fit a 2019? They look great compared to that fake wood they put in them. I've been wanting to do something about that since day 1. I imagine it wasn't hard to install? Just pop out the old and pop in the new?
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