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  1. Hi Folks! First time posting here and seeking opinion on tires/wheels. Recently purchased a '14 Silverado DC 1500 2wd equipped with Factory 20" wheels. Planning on leveling with King coil overs and 34-35" AT's and really want to keep the factory wheels I have. Someone suggested the truck would ride harsh with 34-35's on the factory 20's and told me I should run 18" wheels for a better ride. Truck will be used 95% on street /hwy and minor off road use - just some trails, no rock climbing. I want a nice ride where ever I take it but I also want it to handle on the hwy without wallowing on tall sidewalls. Let's hear your opinions -- which will have a better, firm ride on the street while not killing off road capability - 18's or 20"s with 34-35 all terrains. Maybe I'm just nuts for even worrying about it!
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