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  1. Same here. I try to resync the contacts and it never makes it more than 60% before it cuts off. Tons of contacts missing for me.
  2. 22 mins driving until full temp reached on gauge. Noticed that shutters were down on startup and shutdown. No way it should take that long.
  3. 2019 AT4 6.2L- Truck takes a long time to warm up. One occasion drove for 10 minutes before the gauge even started moving above the 160 mark. Other instant was after remote start for 10 minutes and then driving another 5 minutes before it started to register any movement above 160. I was under the impression these had a quick warm up. Never had a truck take that long to warm up. Ambient temps are not freezing, so that's not an issue. Yesterday it was 75 out. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks
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