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  1. I'm back!

    Hi all. I'm back after a few years absence. I've been a member of this forum for many many years, just the past few years I have not posted much. I just this week picked up a previously-loved 2011 GMC Sierra 3500HD Duramax Dually with only 100k kms (60k miles) on it. The truck is mint. Anyways, just though I would re-introduce myself and it's great to be back.
  2. Hi. My 2007 Silverado 3500HD developed an odd shake at low speed when coming to a stop. Turns out the left rear axle seal was leaking. It was replaced, new fluid put in the diff,and new bakes installed (pads were soaked with fluid so thought it best to change the brakes). Everything is good again, except the shake at low speed is still there! Its not brakes related since I can let the truck slow down on it's own without applying the brakes, it still shutters. Putting the truck in neutral, it still shakes. So hopefully not transmission related. The truck has 94K kms (58K miles), kinda early I would think for an axle seal. And of course the warranty expired just a few months ago. Thoughts on what to check next ?
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