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  1. Just got my AMP Research Power Steps installed the other day. Also mounted my AVS Aeroskin Light Shield but haven't wired it up just yet (I'm NOT good with electrical, so still researching how to do it properly). Really love the look of these steps over the stock nerf steps!
  2. I'm hoping I'm not the only numbskull that's bought this product and is having this issue and this thread could help others as well as myself. I recently purchased the Baja Designs for light replacement kit that provides 2 of their Squadron Pro amber lights and a bracket kit to replace the entire stock fog housing. The swap seems fairly straightforward, however I'm having issues with the wiring side of things. I cannot for the life of me figure out what I've done wrong. I've searched everywhere for any sort of walk-through or an install video but have found nothing. I can't seem to figure out what it is I need to do to plug the lights in to the factory wiring harness. I've installed the adapters as the instructions said (or so I think) but it still doesn't seem to want to plug in for some reason. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  3. Ready Lift 2" SST for TB 17x9 Fuel Zephyr 315/70/17 AMP Terrain Pro A/T's. NO rub at full lock going forward, only a bit of rubbing at full lock in reverse on the mud flap and juuuust a tad on the felt fender liner. Haven't gotten around to playing with spacers or doing any trimming, but I'm sure anyone with just a bit of experience would make light work of getting rid of the rubbing all together.
  4. Ready Lift 2" SST 17x9 Fuel Zephyr wheels AMP Terrain Pro A/T 315/70/17
  5. Well shoot, I just received mine for my 19' LT TB. I did a "rough fit" the other day when they arrived but seeing as it was just shy of 100 degrees outside I decided to fuss with them later.. Just by holding them up into where they should go I had a sneaky suspicion of this but figured I just needed to put a little time and effort into it, but I guess my eyes and initial suspicions were correct! lol
  6. Finally got my setup installed and couldn’t be happier with how it looks! Ready-Lift 2” SST for TB Fuel Zephyr matte black 17” wheels Amp Terrain Pro AT 315/70/17 now, I will say I have an extremely small amount of rub at full lock, so I’ll have to get small spacers for the front to push them out a tad more. Other than that, no issues so far!
  7. Very cool, thanks for sharing! I've been wanting to come up with something like this to mount my high lift as well as my MaxTrax that'll keep them out of the way, but always there. Might have to consider picking this up! After our current pandemic passes anyway... Stay healthy!
  8. Sorry for the delay in response. Yes, it does leak a tad, however with that said, I believe it would be a fairly simple fix if you really wanted it to be weather tight. It doesn't seem to let water in from the sides at all as well as at the tailgate end. The main leak sources seem to be (as far as I can tell) from the corners at the end that butts against the cab. Each corner has a very small pocket that water can penetrate the flap seal that goes from the cover to the part of the bed that runs perpendicular to the cab window. Like I mentioned, if you really wanted to, I'm sure you could get creative (and I may at some point) and fully seal it by fixing those corner gaps. Other than that, I'm sure if you take a pressure washer to it, it'll leak more. But my observation of leaks has just been from a decent amount of rain that we've gotten over the last couple of weeks (sounds weird to even type that living in SoCal... But I swear it's true, we got quite a bit!). Also, by "a little" leaking, I'm talking MAYBE enough to get a standard water bottle HALF full and it's really just at those far corners. I don't have the spray in liner so it's been easy for me to track the leaking.
  9. Installed my tonneau cover today! Decided to go with the Gator ETX Soft roll-up. For $200 I’m pretty satisfied so far. We are forecasted to receive some more rain so we’ll see how it holds up with that soon!
  10. Thanks! It's an LT Trail Boss so it comes just the way you see it (with exception to the light bars in the grill) and I absolutely love it!
  11. Not that I was able to find, but we didn’t take a whole lot of time scouting for one as we were only looking on the driver side to keep things simple. We ended up just poking through the large one for the steering column and feeding it through that way.
  12. Sorry for the delay! Completely forgot to post. Don't mind the terrible tape job, I was really just testing this 3M tape to see if it would stick, unlike the tape that comes on it. So far so good, so I'll clean it up this next week!
  13. Sure thing! I didn't take a photo of it, but I can this evening or in the morning! It's just double sided tape so I stuck it right by the hood release. The tape doesn't seem to be the best, so I may need to re-do it with some stronger 3M.
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