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  1. Just got my truck from the great Mike Furman at Criswell Chevrolet
  2. Hello to all and know there are a few post on height but I am trying to find what total height of truck is, as see in specs that it is 79.82 but does that include the painted antenna on top as the garage arena where I park says 6ft 8 inches which is 80 inches and hope I am ok as measured at arena garage the other day and about 81 inches at different spots and my dealer is 90 minutes from my home to go measure.. Appreciate it and thanks. Tom
  3. Not perfect like you I guess, I made a typing error and would of been nice sending a post on my question rather than your comment....
  4. Thanks to all and they do have allocations and guess just wait.
  5. Hi to all and my first post and a current Corvette, Tahoe and just ordered a new 2020 2500HD High County to tow my car to car shows and had a question as my dealer put my order into GM this Tuesday and trying to get a general idea on how long it should take to see my truck and know the plant is closed for a little at thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and know idea on time and just wanted to see your guys status on timeframe when you ordered yours. Thanks and look forward to being on this site moving forward. Tom
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