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  1. What was involved in your leveling kit and what did it cost? Been thinking about doing one. Also did it hurt your fuel mileage any?
  2. Ok still getting the image thing will try again tomorrow. Oh and for those wondering it was about $860 Canadian for these tires after taxes and installation fees. About $400-500 cheaper than the Toyos I was looking at. Anyways these look sick compared to my old tires. Definitely fills out that wheel well more. Here's a link to the tire on Cooper's website it anyone is interested. It's not a full fledged truck tire but it has the 4 peak snow rating which I can tell already blows my goodyears out of the water (they were still good tires with 8/32 left). The load bearing more than meets my needs and some crazy Russian/European? tire testers (Dacia Duster Trails) help decide it for me. link below. http://ca.coopertire.com/tires/discoverer-at3-4s
  3. Got my Cooper Discoverer At3 4S installed today. Finally got the price I was looking for and it was local so I didn't have to got 70km to get them installed. Wanted to get the Toyo's but these will be fine I think. Road noise is nothing from the Cab of my GMC, they definitely ride better than my stock Goodyears and they are awesome on snow, ice and some mud I found cause for some reason we went from -34C to -1 C in 2 or 3 days and I found a small unfrozen mud pit (unfrozen cause Its a heavily driven mud path between 2 stores). DISCOVERER AT3 4S™ - 265/70R18 116T Dia 32.64 Stock was Goodyear Wrangler 265/65R18 Dia 30-31? Well if you round up I got 33s lol. Will post another close up pick but site will only let me post 1 pick of 4mb or smaller per post? oh well.
  4. Nice! Just got mine done today it'll be my next post. Also what brand of tire did you go with?
  5. Took this of my truck yesterday if you want to see how it looks now. No new tires yet but its got shitty Putco bed rails and a wheel chair lift. I had a Decked drawer system in the back but I had to ditch it for the lift. Now that I look at it I'm considering a leveling kit.......nah then if I put a load in the box or use a trailer the front will be higher than the rear. Ew
  6. Thanks Silveeradosid. I know the ice performance won't be as good as snow tires but I live in a Condo so having a second set of tires is a no go because of space. lol. I was thinking of going back to the silent armours from goodyear like I had on my old F150. They were great for winter. I did not like the way they weared though and they get very expensive compared to the others. I'm hoping these hybrid 3 peak snow all terrain tires actually mean something so personally I'm leaning to the Toyo's because allot of people seem to rave about the wear and performance. I was leaning to the Falcons but they are so much heavier than the others and I don't want to totally destroy my mileage, I do want to do some traveling across Canada and into the states with these. The Falcons get allot of good reviews though but I don't think I want a 60 lb tire. I was also looking at the Cooper Discoveries and they don't seem to offer a truck tire. Note I have looked at the KO2s but I'm am really not really impressed especially considering the price difference and tread wear from the others. Also everybody and their mom says you have to get KO2s and well I like to be different,
  7. Thanks for the response. If I was just going to keep it local i would be fine with P but I want to travel too (should have mentioned that). I want to do some Overlanding (good I hate that term) and some long distance to places like Tuktoyaktuk and the Dempster highway with a 3500 lbs trailer (by myself maybe) so I'm leary on the whole P idea. Especially since some of those highways are shale roads. Note I found I tire store 50ish km from me in Kamsack that sells all 3 tire brands so I'm going to see if I can get prices on all 3 tires in P and Lt tires after what you said. Of course in passenger tires I'm not going to find the size I want in all tire brands i'm looking at. sigh. So far the one to really avoid is the Falcon Wildpeak Light Truck tire/ That is 60 lbs. The toyo and Yokohama LT tires aren't much more weight than the passenger tire versions which are basically 10 lbs heavier than my stock tire. So my stock tire: Goodyear Wrangler SR-A - 265/65R18 - 31.5 Dia - 35 lbs - 10.7 wide - load rating 2469 lbs Passenger tire options Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 - 265/70R18 - 32.6 Dia - 44 lbs - 10.7 wide - load rating 2756 lbs - $1027 CAD for 4 Toyo OPEN COUNTRY A/T II AW - P255/70R18 - 32.6 Dia - 45 lbs - 10.7 wide - load rating 2469 lbs - $1056 CAD for 4 Falcon WILDPEAK A/T3W - 265/70R18 - 32.6 Dia - 46.7 lbs - 10.8 wide - load rating 2756 lbs - $944 CAD for 4 Cooper DISCOVERER AT3 4S - SIZE: 265/70R18 - 32.6 Dia - 43-45 lbs - 10.7 wide - load rating 2756 lbs - $956 CAD for 4 General Tire Grabber A/T2 Tire - P255/70R18 - 32.6 Dia - ?? lbs - 10.7 wide - load rating 2756 lbs - $963 CAD for 4 Light Truck tire Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 - LT265/70R18 - 32.8 Dia - 53 lbs - 10.7 wide - - load rating 3525 lbs - $1027 CAD for 4 Toyo OPEN COUNTRY A/T II AW - LT275/70R18 - 33.2 Dia - 51 lbs - 11 wide - load rating 3640 lbs Falcon WILDPEAK A/T3W - LT265/70R18 - 32.9 Dia - 59.5 lbs - 10.8 wide - load rating 3525 lbs - $1040 CAD for 4 General Tire Grabber A/T2 Tire - LT265/70R18 - 32.6 Dia - 42? lbs - 10.7 wide - load rating 3748 lbs - $1156 CAD for 4
  8. Thanks Donstar but I do take the truck off road a bit so I want any extra height I can get without messing with the suspension if I can, Its not rock crawling or mudding though. Mostly really rough abandoned logging roads and fields. As to the gas loss how much was it for you? I'm fine with an mpg or two. I know I'm looking at around 15 to 20 lbs more with a truck tire. but plan on some trips that include shale roads with a camper so that is why I was looking at a truck tire. You think I would be better off with the P?
  9. I'm looking to put new tires on my stock 2014 GMC Sierra 4x4 SLE crew cab with 18" rims and Z71 off road package. So far I am looking at these tires. - Yokohama GEOLANDAR A/T G015 - LT265/70R18 - Load rating 3415 lbs - Toyo OPEN COUNTRY A/T II AW - LT265/70R18 - Load rating 3525 lbs - Falcon WILDPEAK A/T3W - LT265/70R18 - Load rating 3525 lbs Why I'm looking at these tires as: - I want a better All Terrain tire with a much longer tread life than the junk I have (goodyear's not holding up like I'd like it to) - They should be 2" taller than the tires I have. And yes I still have the chin spoiler. I like the couple npg it gives me on the highway. If I rip it off on a trail that's fine to. lol. - Have the 3 peak winter rating. I'm in Canada so its needed. - Have a larger load rating but I don't tow more than 5000 lbs plus some camping equipment in the bed. - Narrower than some of the other 18" options available. I want better rolling resistance in the snow. Does anyone: - Know if I will have any issues fitting these tires on a stock suspension? I might level it in the future but its been fine for the backwoods stuff I do, - Have an opinion on these tires? - Have an opinion to a better All terrain tire with a good snow.ice rating other than these 3 I listed? Note I've looked at and talked to people with, KO2s and its ice performance seems problematic as well as being a bit more expensive than these other options. Any help would be appreciated. I included a pic of the truck when I bought it if that helps. The only thing I've added to it so far are some shity Putco bed rails, a decked bed system and a wheelchair lift in the bed.
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