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  1. Has anyone had any success with radio problems ? Mine has been blacking out and freezing since 70 km.The dealership says they cannot repair without updated software and it is not released for the base radio yet.Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Screen goes blank at startup sometimes.Resets itself a couple times a day. Sometimes it freezes. Keeps on playing after shut down for about 15 minutes.This has been a problem since 70 kms.After 3 trips back i was told it could not be repaired until new software is released.Also sound goes full bore for no reason and then comes back down ,it is very distracting.
  3. Mine acts up like everybody else.Tech tells me he cannot repair because there is no update for ior option yet.I have contacted gm and have a case open. I have been purchasing gm trucks since 1978 and this is the first time i cannot get a problem repaired.They are loosing a loyal customer and couldnt give a s...t.
  4. I bought a new 2019 sierra wt for reliability,i use my truck every day for pickups and deliverys for my small business.I fear i have made a big mistake. 2 trips to dealer in 4000 km.Infotainment issues like everyone else ,4 wheel drive indicator not working when cold,2 recalls.Dealer has been good but no repair for radio.I am very discouraged.I have had gm trucks since 1978 but it is time to change.
  5. Mine does it and has ever since new and i have never used the usb port.I am very disappointed with this new truck.
  6. My 2019 base wt has blacked out 3 times in first 1500 km,fixes itself if truck is off for 5 minutes.Any solutions yet?
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