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  1. Jaimie, thanks for your response. I guess ultimately what I'm wondering is whether I "need" them if I'm simply leveling out the front with the rear. I believe if I remember my measurements correctly, my front is about 1.5" higher than the rear on my Trail Boss. I understand with some of these "leveling/lift" kits, that folks are also adding taller rear blocks and cranking their coilovers to the maximum 2.5-3 inches. In that case, I could see needing new upper control arms among other things I'm sure, which is why the BDS kit has so many components. If I'm simply leveling out the front 1.5 inches, are they required (will my truck align just fine)?
  2. Go to https://tiresize.com/wheel-offset-calculator/ Great way to visualize tire size and offset...
  3. Did you go with the Stage 1 or Stage 2. And if Stage 2, did you go with tubular or billet aluminum upper control arms. Debating on going with Icon, but not sure if I need the upper control arms or not...I have a Trail Boss. Thanks
  4. If it’s any consolation, I had a 2019 Ram that did the same thing. I now have a 2019 Trail Boss LT, and it will idle rough from time to time. I think it’s just a characteristic of these engines.
  5. I own a mobile auto body company in Chesapeake, VA. Does your fingernail “catch” on the scratch? If so, then it’s through the clear coat, and can’t be “buffed out.” If it doesn’t catch, then it can be buffed out. Any good mobile recon company should be able to wet sand/buff that scratch out if it’s not all the way through!
  6. I'm in a loaner now, which does NOT have a sunroof, and it has the roof popping noise! My new LT Trail Boss with sunroof does not have the popping issue. Hope this helps. I'm sure over time they'll come up with a solution to take care of it via service dept. would be my guess. Sounds like a common issue.
  7. I'm probably the best guy to hear from on this, since I just traded in my 2019 Ram for a 2019 Trail Boss! I can tell you only from my experience, that I had a lot of issues with my Ram! I had about every TSB you could imagine, AC didn't blow cold, transmission has a shudder/shake when riding the brake at low speed and when backing up, had a really loud clank when starting the motor about 1-2 out of every 10 starts! I'll be honest, the interior is fantastic on the Ram - really the only reason I bought it. Something I notice right away in going from a Laramie to a Trail Boss. The seats in the Ram are more comfortable. However, the trade value was terrible, the dealerships are terrible, and the truck has A LOT of issues. Perhaps mine was a lemon, so take it for what it's worth. Disclaimer, my brand new Silverado that I purchased this Saturday night is in service having the infotainment system replaced! Hopefully, this is a fluke. Otherwise, while the interior isn't as "nice," it's functional and I like it. Motor is super smooth, and once transmission learning is complete, should be a great truck!
  8. Well, they couldn't get it to work! So one day after ownership, my new Silverado that I bought on Saturday afternoon to try and get away from all the problems my Ram had, is back in service to have a new infotainment system installed. They said it would be a couple of days. Hopefully this is the only issue! Everything else (motor, trans, etc) seems to be great!
  9. Just picked up brand new 2019 LT Trail Boss yesterday, and the infotainment screen is completely unresponsive! Nothing happens at all when you touch the screen. Everything shows up and is visible, but you have to use the physical buttons below the screen to get anything to work. They told me to bring it in first thing Monday morning to try and fix. Has this happened to anyone else? I came from a 2019 Ram because I was tired of dealing with all the problems, haha. I seem to have the worst luck! Hopefully a software update fixes the issue.
  10. Did you qualify for any special incentives, or were you just negotiating price?
  11. Hey folks, Looking at a LT Trail Boss. Sticker 55,465. Dealer says they can do $7104 off ($48,361). Can I do better? Thx
  12. For anyone that’s interested, I emailed Bistein about the availability of their 5100 series adjustable coilovers for the 2019 Sierra AT4, and they stated “late 2019.”
  13. I keep hearing this same thing over and over about the 6.2 with the 10 speed! Haven’t really seen anyone disappointed, or any problems. That will be a nice change coming from my current truck, which has been a nightmare in terms of workmanship and quality!
  14. Appreciate the feedback so far! I’m coming from a 2019 Ram, so I was leaning toward the GMC because I’ve heard there’s just a bit more niceties. Let me tell you though, all that nice interior doesn’t mean jack if the truck is an overall pain in the butt! I will have to say the ventilated seats are nice, especially in VA where the humidity makes it feel like a wet blanket!
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