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  1. The new trans fluid does not attract moisture so it is better. Nobody has figured out a way to crack the 8 speed tranny to tune. GM locked this one down and nobody has figured out how to do anything with it. I dont even think the custom tune guys are doing shift firmness or shift points yet. But you cant buy one off the shelf.
  2. The 8 speed is a solid tranny. Just some glitches. Check trans fluid often. If it gets over 180 or If you haul anything or have bigger tires then perform the trans thermostat delete. Mine never goes over 140 degrees now. 2017 Silverado 6.2. 8speed. Custom King Coilovers 2.5 in and Custom rear bypass Kings. Superstrength U joints. Custom tune. Custom CAI. BORLA ATTAK Cat back. 92 mm TBI. 490 HP. Faster. 50k miles 6 inch lift
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