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  1. Btw...GM had my truck for 11 days they couldn’t fix it....Enterprise gave me a Ram2500 to use while they were trying to remedy the Trailer Brake....Nice truck!!!
  2. My 2014 Silverado z71 ltz same issue the Trailer Brake went berserk It wouldn’t stop ringing...GM had to replace 2 modules apparently there are 2 and they weren’t communicating in my vehicle...It took 4 return trips to GM service for them to figure it out but,look it up the Trailer Brake System is running amuck in Chevys and they know it....BIG Problemo.
  3. The Trailer Brake system went crazy. It wouldn’t stop ringing and notifications on the dashboard...So in the GM shop it went for 3 days. The dealer replaced the trailer Brake module. The Trailer Brake went crazy. Constantly ringing 71 x’s in a 20 minute ride. back into GM dealer(DePaula in Albany) My truck was there for 8 more days. apparently there are 2 modules in this truck. In total I had to bring my truck into the GM dealer 5 times. The problem kept getting worse. They did repair it and the service techs and Service department did fix the problem and they were great but I know this issue is endemic to this vehicle. It took them 11 days to figure out how to fix it.... On the upside I was driving a Dodge Ram 2500 for 8 days and a Ram Big Horn for 4...nice trucks with GREAT pickup...!!! This 2014 has a lot of issues... Oh did I tell you the tranny seized at 82k....Come on ???...Wtf.
  4. I have a 2014 Silverado and the front driverside seatbelt will NOT recoil I have to feed it back in...Also the lap part of the seatbelt locks up when I’m strapped in. Im having so many problems with this truck. I will NOT purchase Chevy again that’s for sure.
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