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  1. When I went from my 5.3 Silverado to my wife's 6.2 Tahoe I was so impressed. The power was there but with a little self control you could get mid 20s MPG on the highway. I traded my 5.3 Silverado for a Ram TRX. HOLY ******. First time I did 0-60 I actually let off the gas early. I had an even bigger oh ****** moment the other day when I got gas for it. 33 gallon tank of premium and I get 9-11 MPG. Its a thrilling ride on the streets and at the gas pump. My 5.3 was only getting 13 MPG thanks to the tires and my desired to hear the exhaust. But at least it was 87 octane. I have started taking my wife's Tahoe when I need to run out. Feels good to get behind that wheel again and not as painful at the pump. Perhaps I should have waited for the refreshed Silverado.
  2. I can't imagine how great these GM vehicles would be if they would allow the designers to remove their blindfolds while working. The front end of the Silverado and Tahoe is awful. At least they realized the interiors weren't "good enough" and put some effort into those on the Tahoe/Suburban.
  3. You need to use the 4 buttons (below the radio/nav screen, above the climate controls) that change the odometer, trip, range, etc. One of the buttons will cycle through the vehicle settings which will be displayed between the tach and speedo. I want to say its button 2 starting from the left. You'll use the checkmark to select the setting.
  4. I looked around, all the way up and didnt see any other spot that looked like it was leaking. I'll do like you said and keep an eye on it. Thanks for the help.
  5. I noticed a greasy spot while changing my oil. I need help identifying the part. Pretty sure its the power steering but figured I would ask the experts. I circled the spot in the pic above and labeled the front passenger tire to help orient you. Here are the other pictures I took. I haven't noticed any spots on the ground. No unusual behavior or sounds. I checked the power steering fluid and it was a touch low. So whats the part? Do you think the dealer or extended (non-GM) warranty would blame my Rough Country level, or the slightly larger wheels/tires? How hard is it to replace? Thanks!
  6. Is anyone else getting about 8 random words in the first post that are links to another forum? And why was the extend warranty involved at all? What happened to the factory warranty?
  7. I just had to borrow my dad's Tahoe for this feature. Bought four 12 foot pieces of aluminium trim. I'd love to see you guys get that home in a pickup or on the roof racks. Put the front end on the dash, laid it on the seat backs and stuck the end out the back hatch.
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