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  1. I did notice a recall recently for mine in the my gmc app, someone already started a post about it so link is here (N192268090). Maybe it's related to these issues identified here.
  2. Considering the AT4 has an option for 18" wheel on the GMC website I'd assume that would be fine. Either a 265/70R18 (32.6" diameter) or 275/70R18 (33.2" diameter) are pretty close to the factory 33" diameter tire that came with the truck off the lot. The 18" wheel would probably provide about a 1/2" space around the callipers seeing that the 17" just cleared them. In the end I just decided on getting a 20" wheel for my winters using the Replika R204 wheel. Got them installed today and they fit nicely.
  3. Yes that picture is the 17” DAI Peak wheel. It had no problem clearing the back but the front was too close for my liking.
  4. We fitted the DAI Peak wheel on the truck and it barely cleared the front calipers. Didn’t like it, felt like if a rock kicked up on dirt road and got into the rim it wouldn’t be good. Basically 2mm to 3mm clearance. Also the tire diameter from the original was down about 1.5” which I felt looked too small once on. Luckily my tire guy worked it out with me and credited back the tire package and we ordered something in a 20” wheel. Here’s a picture with the DAI Peak wheel.
  5. I found the DAI Peak wheels in the 17” size seem to fit. However I could not find the 255/80/R17 or 265/80/R17 blizzak DM-V2. I could only get the DM-V2 locally in a 265/70R17 but this is 4.2% smaller in diameter then the original 275/60/R20, any concerns with this size difference on ABS, Traction control, transmission/power train, etc...?
  6. The attached image is the explanation/fix my dealership did. I could understand that the truck would not start since it seems to have been related to the brake system. However a little surprised that this would cause complete electrical cutoff since I could not unlock the doors with the key FOB or even have cab light turn on when doors opened. Well hope that is it and now fixed but still concerned they fix side effects but the root cause is still undiagnosed. Time will tell.
  7. My GMC Sierra has the X31 with the 20” wheels and 275/60R20 tire. I’m also looking at the Blizzaks DM-V2s but was going to put them on 17” wheels because it’s way less expensive. That said these tires are 265/70R17 and if I compare the tire sizes, the winters would be 4.2% smaller which is outside the 3% rule. That said this tire size is also listed on the GMC website. I’m assuming I’m safe with the smaller tire size listed, any advice?
  8. Same here, luckily I wasn’t driving when it happened. Truck is the 2019 Sierra Elevation, had it for less than 2 months. It was parked overnight and when I went out to start it this morning the truck had no power meaning the FOB would not unlock the doors, had to use the key in the FOB to unlock the doors. Once inside no lights in the cab turned on, it was like the battery was dead but noticed the needles of the gages had a slight shaking motion going on. Called roadside assistance to get a boost, when they connected the battery pack it was obvious the battery was fully charged but allowed to start the truck. This is when I noticed pretty much every dashboard light on with all the diagnostic messages scrolling through. ”Service Parking Brake” ”Traction Control Off” ”Engine Power is Reduced” ”Brake System Failure 100km/h Top Speed” ”Service ESC” ”Service Trailer Brake System” ”Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care” I have pictures of all of this and in addition to this the parking brake would not even disengage so couldn’t even drive to the garage. Got it towed, thankfully when the tow truck showed up 45 minutes later the truck started and parking brake released. Some of the messages also seemed to clear but got it towed on the flatbed anyways. I did notice a week earlier that I got a quick message when starting the truck saying something about a low battery. Maybe it’s related to electrical/wiring. Dealership should be looking at it on Monday.
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