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  1. I followed the directions and it worked out well for my 2019 GMC Denali. I was able to use the "shelf" that came stock with my truck. Not sure if the divider that came with my truck is entirely considered with the directions. I can just tell you with the Crew Cab I had to cut away some of the rubber mat that I received from them the dealership. The directions showed me where I needed to cut away for the back seats.
  2. As many times I have thought I have done this the dang gone horn still honks. I guess i still need to read the freakin owners manual.
  3. I have installed these two mods on my 2019 GMC Sierra Denali 6.2L truck. Very happy with the sound. I have not put the truck on a Dyno but assuming I getting 30+ HP. The deep and throaty sound is fantastic. If you want to compare notes or if you are considering these mods please reach out. I only had 3,000 miles on my truck when I started sawing off the stock exhaust.
  4. Please share the steps to lock in the running boards to the out stage. I'm in southern US so I don't have the same issues as you report but still interested in possible options.
  5. Figured out my electric brake issue. I believe after I added some anti-corrosion1 grease/lubricant it fixed things.
  6. I installed the ASA filter from Amazon today and glad to say it's working great. I did have to trim down the length of the solution as the limiting factor is how much wiring you can stuff into the cavity of the camera. At least in my situation I couldn't stuff the extra wires back into the RV, so it has to be gathered and put into that camera cavity. So I cut down the harness that I bought on Amazon from ASA probably down to half, including shaving away some of the 'shrink wrap' around the circuit board that has the magic to filter out the bad stuff and make the camera work again. I'm very happy with the outcome. Reach out to me if you have questions and I will try to answer them.
  7. I have also experienced the flickering but only when the truck was turned off. And being unaware of the theft component of this situation (first time hooking my trailer to my truck) when I saw the lights flickering for the first time immediately unplugged it from my truck as I didn't want some strange electrical issue to burn up my camper or truck; of course the alarm/horn started going off. Just left it unplugged for the night. I also found out that my Furrion rear camera on my RV travel trailer wouldn't work either. Works just fine when I hook it up to my Honda Pilot (did you hear that GM?). There is another thread in forums with a link to Amazon for a wiring gizmo that supposedly tricks the power to the camera so it works. Now that I have had a chance to read more I'm totally surprised GM isn't all over this issue. We can't just accept this. WTF were they thinking? Didn't this go through some quality assurance? We buy trucks to pull stuff around. had a 2002 Pontiac Firebird at one time and the Product Manager for F-body was always in the forums replying to owners questions and feedback. Does this site or any other GM truck forums have someone lurking in the channels? Seems like we need a response from someone up the food chain, not just the local dealership 'service advisor'.
  8. If the auto version is installed and hitch is installed..... and you want to use the mid-gate as a work area/eat your lunch, can you still drop that part without dropping the larger part of the tailgate? I would assume with auto and hitch installed the mid-gate will not activate at all.
  9. Appreciate it @duke3k This is great info. Once the ASA power adapter is installed for the camera issues what happens if you connect up a non-2019 GM truck? Still work?
  10. I pulled my small camper for the first time today with 2019 Denali and saw multiple issues. I have pulled the same camper with my Honda Pilot without issue!!!! I have an aftermarket electric brake on the Honda. On my Denali I saw these things: -The Furrion rear camera has no signal -Electric brakes to the trailer are not working. Truck says they are not connected. -When the truck was connected to the truck but totally turned off I saw the lights (LED) on the outside flickering every once in a while. I unplugged the truck overnight so I didn’t have melted pile of goo in my driveway in the morning. Could these all be related to the same issue? I’m struggling with first time connection to the Denali vs. where there’s smoke (camera issue) there is fire. Just don’t want it to be my camper. Anybody else seeing anything besides the camera issue?
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