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  1. Update: Rather than take the truck back to the dealer that wanted to "dig a little deeper", I opted to pull the cover off the battery (now those are some funky plates and connections under that cover and on top of the battery) I got one full turn on the nut on the positive terminal. (keep in mind the negative got 4 ratchet turns when the mechanic checked it when I brought it back in) After the negative was tightened most of the electrical gremlins were gone, just the morse code periodic flashing in the left front turn signal, after tightening the positive terminal I haven't had any glitches in the past two days. Steve
  2. New Richmond is a nice place, super close to my folks over by Afton. Thanks for the suggestion, was just pondering where to go for future service. .....When you get your truck back that was issue free before the recall fix, and now it has electrical issues that are because they didn't tighten the battery and the service managers answer is for you to drop off your truck for the day so they can tear your truck apart and go deeper ("oh yeah, there are levels to this recall, parts of it have us removing the front wheel well and removing .......") DOH!, lets throw more variables at a problem that didn't even exist. How about you just say, sorry Mr Customer, I"ll have the guys walk back through those steps of the recall we did and check the connections.
  3. OK, so here's where we are at right now. I've still got the intermittent left front turn signal flash. Came out to my truck yesterday morning with it running from my remote start activation and the left front turn signal was randomly flashing (think morse code) Then driving down the road and activating the left turn signal, it fast flashed and gave me an error for the left front signal. I haven't noticed other electrical glitches . Called the dealer and they said the recall has various levels to it, they had performed the basic, but bring it back in and they'll do more (a little disconcerting since no electrical issues were popping up before the recall was performed.....) Will post my results after going in for service tomorrow.
  4. Thanks Les, good suggestion! I went to the dealership this morning, explained that after yesterdays service the electrical issues popped up and I'd like them to put a wrench to the battery to see if the connections were snug. Mechanic came out with a ratchet, turn, turn, turn turn - 4 turns to tighten it, he said, "yup, it was loose" I guess I have to say I'm surprised....with the battery/electrical tight tolerances these trucks have, you'd think this recall would say, "check alternator strap is tight, check battery connections are tight" The service gal didn't impress me "do you have an appointment" nope, "do you want to leave the truck" nope, I want a mechanic to check that the battery connections are tight... she huffed off and a friendly mechanic came out, we chatted, he checked it, tightened and we were cool. These forums and folks like Les are invaluable, I'll follow up in a few days, but so far all is back to normal. Steve
  5. I took my truck in this morning to complete the recall that is associated with the alternator cable / strap ? I have 3200 miles on my truck, no issues to date. After the recall was completed today two issues came up. 1. I couldn't turn off my radio with the power button (sometimes it worked, other times it did not, but I could use the knob as volume control as well as the steering volume controls. 2. The left turn signal went in to fast flash mode when engaged. Then it would work correctly again, then it would fail again. When we got home and we were just sitting in the driveway with the truck on, the left front just started flashing intermittently and then it would stop (turn signals were not activated) I'm not sure what checking on a strap on an alternator has to do with this, I'm wondering if they did a software update? Having electrical issues in separate systems is concerning, I'm heading to the dealership in the morning, ugh. Steve
  6. I double checked and saw no auto dimming effect when bright lights hit them, please keep us posted when you hear back from GM
  7. .... why do people feel the need to double down on their stupidity? I stand by my comment, you are a shill and add no value
  8. repeated shill posts like this that you splatter all about to push a specific retail site add no value, please stop
  9. I ordered the Extang xceed from Kyle at truck alterations 765 all in, its on the way, he sells a bunch of the lomax trifold too, but I wanted the ability to flip up against the box fully open.
  10. Hey Brian, I don't believe they dim when headlights are on them, but I'll check them again tomorrow. I recall that they didn't since I had kind of gone "huh" when I noted brighter lights hitting them and they didn't appear to change or diminish in any way. Steve
  11. Yes, it has the 360 degree surround cameras and there are cameras built into the base of the mirror mount. There are two white LED lights built into the outboard side of the mirrors, these shine to the rear when you activate the switch that lights up the box (includes outside mirror lights, two rear corner box lights and the white lights on the back of the cab that are on both sides of the high brake light.)
  12. Thanks for sharing the pics, you sound like a discerning consumer, the top looks awesome on your truck! I just bought an AT4, so same multi function tailgate that you have. I need a cover now: Fit, finish, quality are all important to me, that cover looks to have them all.
  13. I picked up a new 2020 AT4 on Friday, it has the trailering mirrors, they are chrome capped. From what I was reading I wasn't sure what power features they had. I'm happy to report they power in and also power out with a button by the mirror controls. They mirrors move in tandem, so both either close in or power out together. I was worried that the mirrors would be too big, but they fit the truck nicely aesthetically / size wise. They are a little big (blocking view) when driving in more congested areas like parking lots or 4 way stops, but that is something I think will be fine once I get used to it.
  14. Have you put the Roll N Lock on your truck yet? Thoughts after installing? I just picked up the 6'6" bed AT4 and am researching covers. (coming from two BAK Revolvers that were decent)
  15. I'm hoping someone comes up with a "hack" that allows you to record what your HD cameras are showing as you drive down the road....maybe even just capture the last 15 minutes or so....giving you the ability to replay an event just after it happens
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