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  1. Everything stated on this thread happened to me about 3 weeks ago. 2020 Denali ultimate with about 2000 miles on it. Dealer blamed my electric tonneau cover but I know they are giving me a bunch of BS. woke up to go to work and the truck would not unlock. I thought to myself that I left something on but it didn’t make sense because the truck has an auto shutoff on the electronics. jump started it and every light on the dash was on. Truck was in limp mode and made a clicking noise from the steering column when pressing and releasing the brakes. drove it to the dealer and they had it for about an hour and called me and said that the issue is my electronic tonneau cover that drained the battery and they they could hear the cover power cycling after shut off... which I did not hear. I started researching it and came across this thread. If the cover was draining the battery why did it take 2200 miles for it to happen? Why did it not happen on my f150 lariat that had the same electronic cover on for almost 4 years. dealer is such a joke.
  2. Mine did the same. Truck had roughly 2200 miles on it and was parked in my drive way. Woke up to no power. Had to jump start. It started right up and had every light on in the dash. Truck was in limp mode. drove it to the dealer. They blamed my power tonneau cover was draining the battery but it’s been on there since day 1 and this is the first issue. I had the same tonneau cover wired the same way on my f150 lariat for 4 years with no issues. dealer cleared the codes and said they wouldn’t charge me the labor or diagnostic fee since they stated it was the tonneau cover. so far it hasn’t done it again but I fear it will.
  3. I just picked up my 2020 Denali 1500. I ordered it with the tri mode running boards thinking they were going to be better than the running boards I had from Ford on my lariat that’s were Ford oem... I was wrong. the tri mode running boards while are good in theory, are absolute garbage. They extended out but do not lower enough making it very awkward to get out and in and I find myself 80% of the time just over extending my legs and stepping over them. I searched through about 15 pages here and didn’t find anything so thought I would ask. does anyone know if we can add a spacer at the mounting point that would drop the boards or if there is some other modification that can be done to make them lower when extending down? I have my shop getting me a couple quotes on some AMP boards to install but I would prefer to keep OEM, also with the dash switch allowing control of them is nice but I’m willing to give it all up if I can’t figure out a solution.
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