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  1. I guess I should've worded that differently.. If a detailer were to do a full paint correction and then polish it out like you said before applying a ceramic coating it could be fixed. Thats if they do it properly but I honestly dont know any detail shops around Columbus personally but have some good friends that run them down in Tennessee. I know what needs to be done but my problem is that now I have to have a paint correction on a brand new truck and the only way to get the swirl marks out is to use an abrasive polish on it which takes even more of the clear coat off until you've gotten the fine scratches out. I realize it's very small fractions of the clear coat but this truck doesnt even have 400 miles on it. Now it has to go back in a shop for the 4th time, which will put it well over 30 some days it's been in a shop getting repaired, when I need to get out of state for work. It's my only vehicle. Can't take their loaner truck over 500 miles away and just drop my contract when it's ready to be picked back up and drive back. I agree with you just my situation isn't going smoothly with them. Anyways, I'm getting off topic into all the other issues the dealer caused. Was just giving an update of the repairs and think I turned more to venting My bad. I'll post an update on what comes of the new sealant repair for the window leak after it rains good again. Hopefully it holds up and won't need the window replaced like a lot have had done. Thanks.
  2. Well I got my 2020 2500 back 4 days ago but hasn't rained since, been below 30's, so not sure if the repair is complete or not. After 2nd repairing of the window they said they found a small section that had no sealant from the factory install. They sealed it up and said it's good to go. Except when picking it up I noticed they broke the clips holding my carpet down on the floorboard, greasy handprints all over the headliner, sealant all over my rear window spoiler which had harden and looked like was scratched up, and my weather seal on that channel going from the rear window to the windshield on the roof was damaged with black sealant all around it.... So went back into the loaner. They had to order and replace the top weather seal, clean the headliner and replace the clips in the carpet. But as I went to pick it up yet again for now the 3rd time my paint is indeed scratched up where the sealant was on my spoiler and roof, paint is scratched by my door frames where something rubbed against it and my whole truck is nothing but swirl mark scratches now from going through their detail shop. Guessing they used dirty towels or mittens while washing and drying. They said they could take it to a professional detailer and have the paint fixed aka scratches hidden with wax. Told them there's no way I can except a +70k truck that looks like absolute hell on the outside now (black truck). Told him it was unacceptable to just have a detailer hide all the issues they caused and the salesman just smirked at me and shrugged his shoulders. Has completely ruined my buying experience.
  3. f8l vnm, I'll check the build date of mine whenever they get it done again but mine is a 2020 2500hd. They said they had 1 other 2020 in as well for the same leak. Is there a way I can look it up using the vin? May be a few weeks again before I see it
  4. Forgot to add i picked the truck up on November 25th and had it just overnight before returning it. Will see how long it takes to get it back this time.
  5. Y'all can go ahead and add me to the list. 2020 2500hd ltz duramax, spent over 70k on my dream truck, just to drive my truck from the showroom floor to home and right back the next morning. Luckily, it was raining the 1st night and saw drops all over my back seat. Checked around the rear passenger seat belt opening and was completely soaked along with the floorboards carpet. It's been about 2 weeks and I drove 1 and a half hours to pick it up tonight, happens to have been raining since last night and still is, and imagine that, water is pouring in still. Like did they even check the damn thing? It's been done since Friday and due to the distance and work I could only pick up today. They had a 3rd party vendor come in and reseal the window Last Fridag as they told me. Said they've only had 1 other one in that was the same year and model as mine for the same leak so far...
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