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  1. No. The at4 has a 2” lift already, that is removed, then a 6” suspension lift is installed. Netting 4” of lift over the at4
  2. No I don’t. The factory suspension is removed and a 6” suspension lift including coilover is installed.
  3. I’m running 2.5” fox coilovers with compression adjusters and 2.0 smooths in the rear. I’ll probably upgrade the rears to match when they release them. 4” lift on an at4
  4. It just barely clears a 7 foot garage. The back of the cab is slightly higher than the Mx antenna when level, (I have coilovers, not the regular spacer lift).
  5. Bds is owned by fox, and yes, the 2.5” coilovers have been out for about a month and a half now. I have them on my 2019 at4 With 2” rear shocks. 6” total lift. (4” over stock)
  6. 6.2l/10 speed at4 here. With 20x10s and 35x12.5 tires, 4” bds lift (6” total) and a corsa cat back I’m getting 12 mpg with mixed driving. I can get slightly better if it’s all highway and I’m watching the throttle, maybe 14, but any hills will kill that. I didn’t buy this truck for great mpg, but damn a bigger tank would’ve been nice lol.
  7. At4. I hated the stock ride. Way too mushy. I’d hit a speed bump or back out of a drive way and bounce all over the place. The new coilovers just soak it all up. Obviously going from a p-metric 31.5” street tire to a 35” f rated lt tire, you feel more bumps in the road, but the trade off is worth it to me.
  8. I did, however, test drive one to my house to make sure it fits length wise, and if I put the front bumper basically on the wall (front camera really helps for this), I have about an inch to an inch and a half of room in the rear.
  9. I put the bds 4” lift on my at4 (6 inch total) plus 35s and I fit my 7’ garage. Barely, but it fits. I did make sure the door rolled all the way up to the top of the opening though, as it was about an inch low before. You’ll have no issue with fitting height wise stock on a 7’ garage, except the antenna hitting, but I got a 6.5” antenna for that too.
  10. The 4” lift and the coil over lift have the same components, except the non coil over lift comes with 4” spacers for the top of the stock struts. So the pricing is 100% in line. I had this kit installed a week ago with the dual speed compression adjusters and couldn’t be happier. I ran 2.5” kings on my 4Runner and they leaked all the time. I rebuilt them 4 times and when I got rid of it, one was leaking again. also, kings should really only be lifted 2.5” , which puts you .5” over stock height on a trail boss / at4. Once you add rears to that king kit, you’re at about 4k as well. Mind you, those rear shocks from king are much nicer than the standard fox shocks on the rear of the bds kit. If/when fox releases some better rear shocks, I’ll most likely upgrade mine.
  11. Not today, but last week, added bcd 4” at4 lift with fox coilovers and dsc adjusters, 20x10” hostile rage wheels, 35x12.5 Nitto ridge grapplers, amp steps, and corsa exhaust. Loving it!
  12. Haha phx4rnr on t4r . I had a 15 trail premium, but totaled it in November and Bought an at4 in December.
  13. Lol zero shot of that fitting in my garage. I want the one from the new Harley edition with the light bar built in but I don’t think they sell them separate.
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