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  1. Thanks. I have been doing that since the strike ended. I don't have the event code but they always say just that it was accepted by GM. Been that way since August. I wish we could talk to an actual GM employee rather than a call center that routes you back to the dealer. I guess a billion dollar company doesn't care so much about the small individual sale to a consumer.
  2. What does that mean exactly? (And also forgot to include it was a crew cab).
  3. I ordered a 2020 GMC Sierra 3500 SLE gas in late August. It has been sitting in the order system with no status change since the day it was placed in there. Multiple calls to our dealer (who we have used for 35 years) and to GM customer service has gone nowhere. Dealer says they can't do anything more and GM customer service just puts you in a loop back to the dealer. No one can give me a reason for the long delay. Maybe the lack of gas engines (from rumors I have been hearing) but GM customer service is worthless and provides no good information.
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