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  1. Hey folks, I have been experimenting with my 2019 and I want to add some observations to this thread, some which have already been confirmed but adding it anyway. I installed a cutout so now I can hear everything that the engine is doing, which is wild how many variations of sounds it makes. Driving in L7 does in fact disable DFM on all gears up to 7. Once you set it to L8 then DFM turns on right away, for example if you're cruising at 40 or 60 in L7, then change it to L8 or move the shifter to Drive, you will hear it change the tone to the helicopter sound that's been mentioned be
  2. It is possible that could be done, in my case I like to tinker so I try to come up with my own solutions. What I have done so far is to purchase an inexpensive mirror dash cam that straps onto the factory rear view mirror (some of them are a replacement instead of attachment). This particular one has a camera attached to the mirror on a swivel that you can rotate around and aim it where ever you want, it also has a second camera where you can mount where you please. This second camera is meant to be a back up camera so you can provide 12v to the wire it comes with to automatically switch
  3. I have basically accepted it, I take it as just typical engine/exhaust rumble and backfiring on decelerations.
  4. I found this information, it could be related, for now I will ride it out and see how it goes. https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/auto-news/904626-gm-class-action-alleges-transmission-shake-defect/
  5. Fantastic post, thank you very much for putting that together. So far I have gone with the mirror solution that includes two cameras, one mounted on the mirror and the other is meant for reverse. I have found a location on the grill for it and will be using your guide for the wiring route and fishing. You also cleared up on where to run through the firewall so thank you again for the details.
  6. Hey guys, I have a 19 5.3 8speed and I too have the rumble, since day one. My theory is that the converter remains locked while the truck is downshifting and engine breaking. If you accelerate with light throttle and get to a cruising speed at around 30mph, you can feel it locked. I am familiar with the feeling because iv experimented a lot with locking a converter manually at different scenarios like on low speeds (different vehicle). Its the only thing that makes sense. I think this was mentioned in this thread. If this is the case then it could likely be solved via software to d
  7. Awesome, thank you I will be going for the same setup!
  8. Thank you for sharing your setup, I have a question, iv been reading that these cutouts (the one you linked) tend to leak when closed. Have you experienced that, or do you hear any leak from it?
  9. Hi there, I am interested un knowing how your system turned out, have to changed it? I have been researching this a bit and I have some options I am considering. 1. Getting a 360 bird view camera system from china. Some come with an lcd screen. Or without an LCD, as a analog yellow video rca line (I havent found a system with AHD output). 2. Get a 4ch mirror dashcam. They have them where you strap it to the existing rear view mirror or an a swap. Rhey are very good quality and HD. These are not a bird eye view but you can see all around. The Downer is that the fro
  10. Hey guys, wanted to share that mine 2019 LT with 8in screen has a poor grainy camera, even flickers like a 80s tv. I am considering looking into the wiring to see if it can be tapped into using an aftermarket camera.
  11. Hi folks happy new years. I'd like to share to the thread that the 2019 Silverado LT camera that I have has very poor quality. I have a loner Traverse and the quality is nearly HD like quality night or day. The Silverado camera is grainy and even flickers.
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