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  1. I know its early in the game for me but if it helps...2019 with 5.3 and 8 spd with 4200K . July '19 build south of the border and so far muy bueno. No tranny issues detected. I did have a recall done last month but no actual issues prior or after the recall was performed.
  2. This is a classy truck, sir! I hope to achieve a similar look with mine. I have been struggling with making a decision on a 4" or 6" lift. This is a convincing argument to go with a 4". (all comments opinionated of course)
  3. Similar situation. I came from a Tundra with 225k miles and only had to replace a radiator during that time. I have begun to feel very confident that my Silverado will never see that many trouble free miles. Probably would be best if I stayed off the trouble shooting part of the forum...but I just can’t!
  4. 2019 RST 5.3, 2.5 months in and so far I’m very pleased. However, my anxiety is persistent after reading about so many other’s having all these issues. What I find ironic is that the cost of autos are so high because of technology yet so many of the issues are technology related.
  5. Primarily rural driving for me. Secondary roads with some stop signs, no stoplights/city, and the best I have achieved is 20.7 mpg and that was feathering the throttle and really trying to maximize the fuel. To me, this seems right in line with the estimated mpg of 18/22.
  6. Only 3k miles on my RST but 2 weeks ago “brake system failure” flashed on the dash and quickly went off. Got recall notice N192268091 and reluctantly had it installed one week ago. No issues yet but I will post when it happens. I was a Toyota man for 20 years until 2 months ago. Never had an issue. Hope I don’t end up regretting this change.
  7. Good call! Shortly after I submitted my post I received a recall notice for N192268091. I gotta say, after reading through this thread the last few weeks, I'm dreading taking the truck in.
  8. I may soon be another casualty in this unfolding drama. I have been watching this thread for about 2 weeks now and just waiting for the inevitable. I have a 19 Silverado RST with less than 2600 miles. A few days ago I received a message on my touchscreen that an update is available but just ignored it several times by turning my radio off when getting out of the truck. Yesterday, with some reservation, I finally allowed the download. This morning when I started my truck the dreaded "break system failure; 62 mph" etc. message flashed on the dash screen for about a second and then went away. I ended up driving to work, the store, and back home today with no other occurrences the rest of the day. Luckily for me this was just a scare with no repercussions right now but I bet this isn't the last time I will see that brake failure message and doubt I will be so lucky the next time it pops up. Doesn't seem to me that its just a coincidence that it happened on the first engine start since I accepted that infotainment download. Just thought I would share my experience. Its very beneficial to hear input from others with similar issues.
  9. I’m new to this forum and to Chevy in general. I purchased a 2019 Silverado with a 5.3l and 3.23 gear ratio. The trucks I’m seeing, especially in this thread, look so much better with lifts and tires, especially the 6” kits and 35s. I would really like to achieve the same look that some of these trucks have but I’m concerned about my trucks performance and long term wear/tear. My question is...How well do your engines and trannies handle the 35” tires? Thanks in advance for your experienced input.
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