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  1. Good call! Shortly after I submitted my post I received a recall notice for N192268091. I gotta say, after reading through this thread the last few weeks, I'm dreading taking the truck in.
  2. I may soon be another casualty in this unfolding drama. I have been watching this thread for about 2 weeks now and just waiting for the inevitable. I have a 19 Silverado RST with less than 2600 miles. A few days ago I received a message on my touchscreen that an update is available but just ignored it several times by turning my radio off when getting out of the truck. Yesterday, with some reservation, I finally allowed the download. This morning when I started my truck the dreaded "break system failure; 62 mph" etc. message flashed on the dash screen for about a second and then went away. I ended up driving to work, the store, and back home today with no other occurrences the rest of the day. Luckily for me this was just a scare with no repercussions right now but I bet this isn't the last time I will see that brake failure message and doubt I will be so lucky the next time it pops up. Doesn't seem to me that its just a coincidence that it happened on the first engine start since I accepted that infotainment download. Just thought I would share my experience. Its very beneficial to hear input from others with similar issues.
  3. I’m new to this forum and to Chevy in general. I purchased a 2019 Silverado with a 5.3l and 3.23 gear ratio. The trucks I’m seeing, especially in this thread, look so much better with lifts and tires, especially the 6” kits and 35s. I would really like to achieve the same look that some of these trucks have but I’m concerned about my trucks performance and long term wear/tear. My question is...How well do your engines and trannies handle the 35” tires? Thanks in advance for your experienced input.
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