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  1. I appreciate the bulletin post. No, this guys trucks coolant temp started creeping up from 210. He figured it might have been doing a regen, and kept driving. It got to 260, the truck went into reduced power mode. He got towed to the dealer and upon inspection the head gasket had failed (probably as a function of such high coolant temps) and the heads warped. (Truck had 146 miles) Then, he got a 3.0L loaner, and had to return that truck as it did the same exact thing. I figured it was isolated, but people in those comments that claim to have a 3.0L, or friends with a 3.0L, say it’s happened to them too. (Internet can be shady, who knows if they actually have or know of people with 3.0L Duramax with this issue). just figured I would ask owners on a more trustworthy platform.
  2. I realize this. My last car was a Subaru where everyone was afraid of the engines blowing up. just seeing if anyone else here has experienced the issue, or if it’s isolated.
  3. Should be taking delivery of a White RST 3.0L Duramax Tuesday. Extremely excited! Anyone hear of an overheating issue? TK's Garage on Youtube had an issue with his truck, than an issue with his loaner 3.0L as well. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njGPP2EAWhk&t=643s
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