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  1. I went to dealeship. The engine has been replaced before for the Cam Lifters failing. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Besides that, I saw what they wdre talkmg about, they told me that the last Tech must have stripped/over torqued the bolt/stud that connects the exhaust pipes, not the ones on the cylinder head. When I went to look at it, looked lik some freah score marks and damaged threads on the manifold. They cant prove to me that the last tech caused it or if the current one did not. I told them I should not be on the hook for the part and if anything replace the stud/bolt and Tap/die the manifold..... but the tech wasnt there today, alas I will have to wait. Am I on the wrong track here?
  2. I am going over to get a look at it. Yes its not very descriptive, he said its the thread on the insert, but I know the bolt threads into the head, which is why I dont understand replacement of the manifold..... unless they damaged it (manifold) while removal of said bolt, which I think is the actual reason.
  3. Is it necessary to replace an exhaust manifold because of a stripped bolt? I got a call from dealership that the exhaust manifold needs to be replaced because a bolt is stripped and the Tech does not believe the manifold will fit correctly if not replaced. I am not new to maintenance, I dont think that a replacement is necessary...... am I wrong?
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