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  1. 1650 miles. 2nd CEL. Yay. Made a trip to Home Depot. When we fired up the truck to leave CEL. Hit the Onstar button and asked for a Diagnostics report. Lady asked if I had anything plugged in and then told me it was an electrical system code and to have the truck serviced within 7 days. I'm starting to get pissed off. ETA: didn't get a text with diagnostic info like I did for the codes at 300 miles. Odd.
  2. Update from my issue. They replaced the wheel speed sensor that a rodent ate, updated some software and cleared the codes. I was advised to avoid remote start until further notice.
  3. I set up diagnostic texts on the MyChevrolet.com site. Should be the same user name and password as the app. I haven't explored the app in depth, it may give you that ability as well. I get a text when my alarm is triggered and when oil life / brake life is low. Which is cool. But God help your soul if you remote start.
  4. Update from my situation. Scheduled a service appointment for 8am this morning. Pulled up at 7:55 and the service managers first question was about remote start. She said there is an issue with remote start and not to use the app or the fob to remote start. I checked the truck in, tossed my stuff into the 2019 Silverado Custom they set me up with as a loaner and headed home. About an hour later I received text alerts about the need to service the engine and transmission systems. Apparently the tech set off all sorts of shit while clearing codes and testing. They found a brake system sensor that "had gnawed wiring as if a rodent has gotten to it". Sensor won't be available for 5-7 days. So my brand new truck, with 230 miles on it will spend the next week at the shop while I drive their loaner for work. Not happy, but not quite pissed yet. At least they didn't put me in a Smurf Blue PT Cruiser like the Dodge dealership did years back. Drop off a 1 ton and leave in a go cart. Will update after I pick the truck up and speak with the manager and tech.
  5. Today. Vehicle updated yesterday, drove all day with no issues. Went to a friend's house, used the app to start it while talking about the truck. Drive home. Slept. And today a dash full of errors.
  6. Power steering works fine, braking is fine. Parking sensors are off and will not toggle on.
  7. Yay! 217 miles on my 2020 Trail Boss LT and it's showing the following errors: Service ESC Service Trailer Brake System Steer assist is reduced, drive with care. Parking assist not working. I was messing around with the app last night, remote started it via the app and now all this bullshit pops up. Lame.
  8. I'm sitting in a 2020 TB with the 5.3 ecotech3 and a 10 speed trans. It's a DFM engine with Start/Stop.
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