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  1. So I have been battling my rear brakes on my 2016 2500hd Silverado over the past few days and am at a loss. I have searched high and low on help in regards to why GM, "in their infinite wisdom, " put two return springs on the parking brake shoes, the section that ties into the cable operation part. Then where the adjuster wheel is a much smaller spring. Regardless, I'm trying to replace the hardware on each rear wheel due to frozen caliper slide pins. Oh and finding on of said springs broken in pieces just rattling around inside the inner rotor area. HTF do you get the inside spring out behind
  2. th3magpi3. I would be interested if I can get it to work with the camera I bought to do an add on to my 2004 Suburban. It's an aftermarket camera system which had its own screen. I think you said that the GM camera uses the composite conectors like used on TV or radios (older) using RCA cable... I think am I correct in my assumption?
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