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  1. @XY74: I'm in the same range as you, towing my Airstream 8.5-9K lbs. So looks like there's a couple fo data points we have.. Yours and mine. You're getting nearly 400 Miles per gallon of DEF, mine is only about 260 miles per gallon of DEF. I'm really hoping that it gets better. However, my usage was in the mountains, which I'm not sure has anything really to do with it, but apparently can affect things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -Wayne
  2. As much as I wish I had some news here, my dealer is telling me that 7 ½ gallons of DEF under load for 2000 miles is about right... Sad that now we're going to have to start toting around DEF on trips.
  3. I read that bulletin, I don't think that's it... but it's worth a shot. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10176821-9999.pdf
  4. Any idea what that bulletin is? My dealer says he can't find anything and service tech looking at the truck can't find anything, so he's saying 7 ½ gallons for a 2200 trip is about right. ? ... I find that hard to believe. Unless you're now carrying boxes of the stuff around all the time or can find stations with DEF at the pump, they are really handicapping folks. I think I'm using way too much.
  5. on the Airstream, the propane tanks are inside an aluminum shield/case. I suppose it could affect the initial setup, but I can get it calibrated, it just looses that calibration when the power is off. I guess the question is, how does this get flagged to Corporate GM? @MTU Alum? Seems there are quite a few of us struggling with two issues here and I would love to see GM provide a bit more assistance (my dealer would love to help, but he has no room on his lot for me to pull up my trailer and let them mess around with things). -Wayne
  6. Got an appointment for them to look into it today. I'll post how that goes.
  7. Please do. One thing to note, I have found it calibrates better when going under 10 MPH and with something like a curb or lane markers. I'm guessing that those objects are used by the calibration software to ensure better stitching when calibrating.
  8. I too see even full that the DEF gauge shows one bar down. I might have a chat with my local dealer and see what they think. Just seems to me that 7+ gallons for 2,000-ish miles (closer to 2400) is too much. I do wonder if they need to reset something after reading that bulletin.
  9. I just returned from a 2,000 mile trip. During this trip I put in 5 gallons of DEF (and my GMC is telling me it's ½ full now and I have 1000 miles of DEF range left)... Really??? My 2015 Chevy 2500 HD didn't nearly drink this much DEF. I know emission standards have tightened up a bit, but this seems a bit extreme. Is 7 ½ gallons for 2,000 miles normal? (I'm guessing another 2 ½ gallons based on how much I had to put in last time). The only silver lining is I have a fleet account and can use the trucking lanes for filling up, which have DEF at the pump, but this usage seems way too high. What
  10. Calibration is a pain. Maybe @MTU Alum can comment on this, but I'm curious where the calibration is stored. I ask this because when I do get my camera calibrated the minute the power is removed (aka turn off the vehicle), I loose calibration and the camera has to go through the calibration again. I've seen some people have this issue and others don't. Which then leads me to question is this a hardware issue with the camera (some think it may be), or is this something that can be changed in the firmware of the truck itself? It seems fairly pointless to get things calibrated, then have recalibr
  11. In general I agree 100% with you. With one exception. It generally will cost less now, but that's because every year they re-evaluate the cost of parts and services... which never go down. The extended warranty plan I bought on my 2015, cost me significantly more on my 2020 for exactly the same coverage. That's not to say you can't sometimes get deals a few years later, but in general costs are continuing to rise and that's driving a new pricing structure ever year for the extended warranty plans. One advantage of the GM Financial one (at least what my buddy who spent a few years as a service
  12. Interesting, @sdelam... that mirrors my experience. So I just looked at the box that came with my camera. Apparently the new part number is: 84946379 My camera part number is: 84876818 @MTU Alum: Can you tell me what has changed? Is there any updated firmware? Would the new camera behave differently?
  13. Interesting.... I know my dimensions are saved with my Airstream profile. I wonder why it wants to recalibrate all the time? It does look great though. I know I read something about it having to recalibrate... I'll need to go find those instructions now.
  14. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't it seem like if you turn off your truck for something like fuel, that the camera system shouldn't have to recalibrate. I know the instructions say it has to do that, but seems to me that it really should add a feature to that says if the vehicle is turned off, then back on within a 30 minute period that it doesn't have to go through the calibration step all over again. I'm loving the camera on my Airstream, but I find it certainly takes a bit longer than 60 feet to get it calibrated and sometimes getting it calibrated before you have to go faster th
  15. doesn't seem anybody answered your question. Yes, you have all the right things for this to work.
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