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  1. doesn't seem anybody answered your question. Yes, you have all the right things for this to work.
  2. I've yet to find the 'secret sauce' for getting the invisible camera to work with my 28ft Airstream. It will show it's 'calibrating', but never do so. To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what numbers I need to fiddle with. If anybody has had luck getting the invisible trailer to work, I'd like to know what numbers you have so I can compare them to what I have and have a play with all settings again.
  3. First off, thanks to MTU Alum, I was able to get the unit to try to calibrate for the invisible trailer mode. However, it never did successfully calibrate. I tried playing some with the settings, but no matter what I put in, it wouldn't calibrate. That said, I'm still quite pleased with it. It means I can ignore the less than ideal camera that came preinstalled on the Airstream. I stole Larry's idea and bought some of that non-conductive conduit and snaked the cable through since I ran it under the trailer. Unlike his clean line, there were a few more obstacles I had to get around on the bottom of the Airstream so my install looks more like a snake than a straight line. The only downside is while doing some test positions on the trailer, I used carpet tape and the camera fell off the back and wouldn't you know, landed straight on the lens, so now I have a small ding in the lens. It ends up looking like a spec of dirt in the picture, and I'm annoyed with myself, but what do you do? I will say that I'm right at the bottom range of the 200mm window they want due to where Airstream puts their badging.
  4. it doesn't work because those 7 ping testers no longer work on the Canbus equipped systems! The issue is now the computer is looking at specific loads. The only tester on the market that seems to work is the IPA 9107A Electric Brake Force Meter. I bought one and it works great. Allows you to test your truck's connections from inside the cab (once you plug it in to the rear). There are a few youtube reviews out there that you can view that show you how it works. It was the only tester I could get to work on the new Canbus systems.
  5. When I was trying to decide what to do about my 2020 Chevy High Country (long story can be found elsewhere if you're really interested), I tested Ford's Limited 250, GMC's AT4, and RAM's Limited, I really didn't have the High Country long enough to make a good decision. I found both the Ford and RAM had softer seats, and the GMC was a bit more stiff. But that doesn't make it bad. After a couple of long trips now with the GMC SLT that I bought as a replacement to the Chevy High Country, I find them very acceptable. I do hope they eventually soften up a tiny bit, but I don't find them as bad as most reviewers do. I'm really not sure what reviewers expect, they hammer the interior (no, none of the GM products are as gorgeous as the RAM), but I actually think the functionality of the GM interior is better than that of the Ford by quite a bit. I'm just not sure what expectations are for things like seat comfort maybe. I like my seat a bit, like my bed and pillow, a bit more firm and maybe that's why the GM interior seats work for me, I don't know. But you will definitely need to decide for yourself on this one.
  6. I also moved from a 2015 to a 2020 (both also diesels), and have to agree 100% with all of Jay's statements, but mostly this one about the new transmission. I find it perfect for towing and don't notice any shifting. It just seems to work. I've posted a thread about what I like and things I would like to see improvements in, all of these are coming from a 2015 to the 2020, so that thread might give you some insight into things as well.
  7. So today, I had a chance to test the camera on the Airstream. I'm getting ready to fly out later today to the UK for a week, so I tested it and my wife wanted me to do more checking before 'rushing it'. Anyhow, I did run into a few issues trying to make it 'invisible'. My Airstream is 28 feet long, which seems well within the 10 meters mentioned earlier in the thread. When I entered all the data required it told me my parameters were outside the limits and thus couldn't do the invisible trailering. I've put photos in here of all the measurements. With the Airstream not being square, some of my measurements could have been off slightly, but not by much. Anybody know what the actual parameter ranges are for each of these measurements? I'm not unhappy just leaving it 'as-is' ... I tried both where the existing camera is on the top (not a fan), or the middle area of the Airstream, which I did like.
  8. I'm curious, did you have any issues with the image initially? It's possible that because of me having to wear glasses that the whole micro-focus thing comes into play and so there's that brief micro-second that I have to focus longer on it for it to come into a clear image for me.
  9. Another thread reminded me of this addition. Rearview mirror. The mirror itself is fine, and again it's a cool parlor trick to be able to flip it and have the camera display there instead of the mirror view. However, it's fairly useless because the size is not right. Your eyes take a brief second to focus on the video image. Which means you're no longer glancing at the mirror as you would normally, but instead focusing on the mirror. I think they need to go back to the drawing board on this one and either make it so the image is sized correctly and see if that helps with that 'micro focus' your brain has to do, or just get rid of it. It's an expensive item for something that used to be fairly inexpensive, and won't get used much in the video mode.
  10. I'm going to guess that since that mirror is high-tech in the truck now (or at least on higher trim models), they didn't want to use that space anymore.
  11. I'm also going to assume you won't get any updates to the map itself without a data and/or traffic plan. This is yet another very under documented area on these vehicles (and seems neither GM or OnStar always are able to give you a straight answer).
  12. It's not just you... Big trucks (and small trucks) are where they make their money and they don't want to give that up easily. I factored in everything and ended up in the 7% range, but at the end of the day, I felt OK with it so that's all that matters in the end.
  13. I would love for somebody to show us a photo of these. There's a real lack of info on what options we have and what the infotainment screens look like in the various modes.
  14. Ironically, the bed step on the HD trucks is something I forgot about putting into my list. Maybe because I always end up using those tie-down spots, but I find them quite useful. Will they fade? Maybe, but my experience with the ones on the rear bumper tell me that they probably won't (at least any time soon. My 2015 looked just fine when I sold it). With those beds as high as they are, even at 5'11", I can't get into the box all that easily to tie things down. That extra step is quite useful to me.
  15. So, I'm curious. With it mounted there you obviously don't get the 'invisible' trailer, so with it activated, what do you see? I'm kind of curious. I have the option of removing the bluetooth camera that's mounted on the top of the trailer, but figured I would go with the 'invisible' option. However that requires putting some additional holes in the Airstream, and I'm never crazy about doing that.
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