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  1. I'm curious, did you have any issues with the image initially? It's possible that because of me having to wear glasses that the whole micro-focus thing comes into play and so there's that brief micro-second that I have to focus longer on it for it to come into a clear image for me.
  2. Another thread reminded me of this addition. Rearview mirror. The mirror itself is fine, and again it's a cool parlor trick to be able to flip it and have the camera display there instead of the mirror view. However, it's fairly useless because the size is not right. Your eyes take a brief second to focus on the video image. Which means you're no longer glancing at the mirror as you would normally, but instead focusing on the mirror. I think they need to go back to the drawing board on this one and either make it so the image is sized correctly and see if that helps with that 'micro focus' your brain has to do, or just get rid of it. It's an expensive item for something that used to be fairly inexpensive, and won't get used much in the video mode.
  3. I'm going to guess that since that mirror is high-tech in the truck now (or at least on higher trim models), they didn't want to use that space anymore.
  4. I'm also going to assume you won't get any updates to the map itself without a data and/or traffic plan. This is yet another very under documented area on these vehicles (and seems neither GM or OnStar always are able to give you a straight answer).
  5. It's not just you... Big trucks (and small trucks) are where they make their money and they don't want to give that up easily. I factored in everything and ended up in the 7% range, but at the end of the day, I felt OK with it so that's all that matters in the end.
  6. I would love for somebody to show us a photo of these. There's a real lack of info on what options we have and what the infotainment screens look like in the various modes.
  7. Ironically, the bed step on the HD trucks is something I forgot about putting into my list. Maybe because I always end up using those tie-down spots, but I find them quite useful. Will they fade? Maybe, but my experience with the ones on the rear bumper tell me that they probably won't (at least any time soon. My 2015 looked just fine when I sold it). With those beds as high as they are, even at 5'11", I can't get into the box all that easily to tie things down. That extra step is quite useful to me.
  8. So, I'm curious. With it mounted there you obviously don't get the 'invisible' trailer, so with it activated, what do you see? I'm kind of curious. I have the option of removing the bluetooth camera that's mounted on the top of the trailer, but figured I would go with the 'invisible' option. However that requires putting some additional holes in the Airstream, and I'm never crazy about doing that.
  9. I wanted to put down some of the things I really like with the new 2020 models. Despite my issues with GM and my first 2020 (Chevy 2500 HD High Country), I really do like a lot of the changes they have made from my 2015. Enough that when I tested all the other two ¾ ton brands, I came back to give GM my money again. Safety Features/Cameras. There were lots of things to like about the Ford and RAM, but when it comes to being able to really see things when towing, GM has put some real thought into the whole safety factor. Mirrors when setup correctly, should show you everything, but it's always nice to have that second acknowledgement that there isn't anybody hiding. This is where with the higher-end trims and the 15 cameras that I really appreciate the camera coming on when I put on my signal. In fact, I really like this feature and if there was one improvement I would make, it would be to always come on. That is, even without a trailer connected, have the camera come up for that brief period of time and show you what's alongside you. First time I had my trailer connected and saw this it shocked me. I had no idea the truck would do this (nor did the sales folks at the dealership ... I don't think most sales folks ever really tow anything and really don't know much in most cases about HD trucks), but this is one of my favorite features now when towing. Changes: Allow for longer rear views when driving, not sure where eight seconds came up as the total length of time allowed, but slightly more time would be nice. I can see where maybe they don't want you to have the rear camera on all the time, but maybe a bit more time. Changes: Allow for the cameras to be accessed in the 'shortcut' area of the infotainment screen. I moved the Cameras to the first page, but if I'm in the Navigation screen or audio screen, it would be nice to not have to go to the home page, then to the camera page. Heads-up Display. When I first saw the HUD, I thought it was cool tech, but now having lived with it for a bit more, I absolutely love it and think it's head and shoulders above where other truck makers in that area. Wait, nobody else has the HUD! I know the invisible trailer feature is nice, but GMs marketing department needs to really start advertising this feature as well. It is so useful! My wife drove our Volt home the other day and said, "I can't believe how much I missed the heads-up display, and I don't drive the truck that much." For those of you who don't have it or have no idea what it can display, there's a few different screens you can display. If you use the navigation system it puts directions up there, along with lane information for exits. When trailering in particular this is really helpful to know what lane you need to be in. Changes: Allow audio information to always be displayed, or at least when changes occur. If I use the skip feature with my iPhone/iPod the song title appears briefly. One of my favorite local radio stations transmits artist and song title via RDS, so it appears on the infotainment system. Obviously they can display this info, why not when the information changes show it briefly? Seems odd that I can manually see that information if I skip a track, but not when that track changes by itself. Navigation. Finally a navigation system that I find useful! All prior generations of GM maps have been woefully outdated the minute they hit the car. This new navigation system seems to be cleaner and actually up-to-date. I'm still on the fence about the price for keeping it updated. I'm assuming that for the price of the OnStar package they are not only keeping the traffic info updated but will auto-update the maps over the network. Anybody know??? Trying to get info out of OnStar or GM is like pulling teeth. They want to sell you stuff, but the minute you ask for specifics nobody seems to really know. Changes: Depends on how well they keep things updated. Tailgate. OK, this one is GMC specific, and I thought it was more of a gimmick initially. But after using it on our weekend camping trip, the step really made loading and unloading the bed a breeze. OK, GMC you've sold me on it. Now I just have to be careful not to press the wrong buttons with the hitch attached! Transmission. Holy cow batman, that new 10-speed transmission is awesome. I never notice it hunting for just the right gear, towing or not towing, it just seems to be smooth as can be shifting. I'm quite pleased with that. Obviously with just a short drive of the Ford, it's hard to really compare to see if Ford's version of this transmission is as smooth, but regardless it a marked improvement over the 2015. As I said, I tested all the products out there and all at the premium trim levels, mechanically the really are close. I think Duramax and Allison are a solid combination, and I think Ford likewise has done an outstanding job (recently) with the Powerstroke and transmission. RAM may have the Cummings, but their achilles heal is that transmission. Still you could almost flip a coin and choose any of the ¾ ton trucks and get an excellent machine. This is where all the extra features are coming into play, at least for me and this is where I see GM at least a year maybe even two ahead of the others. But even with this, GM needs to fix their customer service. I still hold out hopes that somebody at GM responds to my letter (basically told them despite my better judgement I gave them more money even though they didn't deserve it and really didn't earn it). Did I miss anything?
  10. Granted this is on a 2500, but my tailgate is also quite stiff in that position. As you say, it may loosen up, but for now I don't see where this would happen. I wonder if the OP ever heard back from GM on this?
  11. To be fair though, this would be an Apple fix, or possibly better collaboration with GM. But Apple, having worked for them for 10 years myself, is not known to want to do anything special in one place over another, which would mean working with all the automakers and getting this info from the various sensor systems. The info is on the CanBus, but how they would tie into that is the real question.
  12. I know! It's amazing how little info there is about these cameras. GM is advertising the feature like crazy on TV, but nowhere does anybody really talk about the setup and install. I plan on installing at the height just slightly above where the truck camera is (as suggested in the documentation), and to keep things cleaner, I do plan on running things under the trailer. I know that's not recommended, but especially on the Airstream you want to keep things 'clean'. I'm out of town next weekend and the following week on business, I'm going to try to see about getting it sorted by then, but we'll just have to see. The weather here isn't looking great all week, so I may have to hold off until I get home. But to do plan on documenting this as much as possible.
  13. Just got back from a trip with my Airstream, it came with a factory bluetooth camera, but requires a monitor that then mounts on the windshield and truth be told, the image quality isn't all that great. I really wanted to get rid of that, and get the camera, so I stopped into my local GMC dealer thinking that that I would order it and it would come in a few weeks later. Lo-and-behold, they had one in stock. So, I printed off my Reward points, and bought the camera. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be installing it on my Airstream. I'll keep you folks posted.
  14. is it worth it? Still not sure I'm going to do it, but thinking about it later.
  15. Maybe because we weren't still 100% aboard another GM product and I had written numbers from several dealers on various trucks (RAM, Ford, Chevy, GMC) all configured pretty much the same, they all the sordid history with trade (2020 Chevy 2500HD High Country), I ended up with some pretty good numbers. Shockingly I kept getting $61K from various dealers except one on the trade (one offered 62,800). The final dealership where we pulled the trigger on the trade offered $6300 on the trade and beat their sister dealership 40 miles away by $2K simply by not adding in a "required" dealer package (consisting of nothing of value to me -- replacement of key fob for 5 years, nitrogen air fillups). The actual truck (with the $2K currently available from GM) ended up with me a 7.2% discount from MSRP. Not huge but seemed to be about what I got from everybody (except the Ford dealership, but I had yet to consider them as seriously as the others).
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