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  1. New member of the forum and new owner of a 2020 3500 HD LT Duramax (still in transit). (I did a search to start with and didn't come up with any hits on the forum for the warranty subject...if I missed this, please send me to an existing thread if there is one...) Curious about what consensus there may (or may not) be out there about GM Extended Warranties and/or Vehicle Service Contracts (AutoShield, Endurance, Carchex, yada-yada). I've steered clear of the VSC's up to this point, mainly put off by the hard sell at the time of closing on the purchase...obviously comes off as a final attempt to squeeze a few more thousand dollars out of the buyer! And I've read plenty of reviews on BBB and elsewhere describing nightmare after nightmare of folks trying to get claims filed and fulfilled after a needed repair. I remain pretty skeptical of these in general. GM offers the Extended Warranty, limited of course, that takes the 36,000 miles/3 year bumper to bumper out to 60,000 miles/5 years. I would like to know, if anyone has purchased one of these at time of purchase, what these are running. The dealership financial guy I worked with to close on my new 3500 looked me in the eye (well maybe his eyes darted at the last minute) and told me that GM doesn't offer any types of warranty extension. It took me all of 2 minutes on my iphone after leaving his office that Chevy does offer an extended bumper to bumper, as well as some other post purchase plans. Chatting with Chevy, I also learned that it is up to the dealers to set their pricing on these extended warranties. I have some doubt that the pricing on these will be fair from my dealership knowing that they're likely in bed with a VSC provider (Auto Shield by Kornerstone Admin Services, in this case). Again, curious what pros and cons are kicking around out there on the GM extended warranty and pricing. Finally, I'm re-thinking some of this in the context of all the technology packed into these new trucks. It does seem inevitable that these systems will break down at some point (hopefully later than sooner) and repairs will be costly. I'd pass on all of this extended warranty/VCS stuff out of hand, except for what seems to be a critical threshold that has been surpassed with regards to on-board technology, and what I can only imagine will be long term costs associated with troubleshoot and repair. If anyone has any thoughts on this, thanks in advance. Greg
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