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  1. I have a 1999 2dr Tahoe, the dashboard has some cracks and I was able to find one with no cracks. The dashboard in the truck now doesn't have a bar going all the way across, under the steering wheel is void this bar and the one I found has this bar from end to end. Everything other then that seems to be the same. Will the dash still fit? Thanks
  2. Vortec engines have a different timing table then a TBI engine, did you have a chip burned? I can't say this will fix your problem.
  3. You will have to reprogram the chip, I put a vortec long block in my 93 and the people at gearhead efi helped me with tuning and data logging so I can burn my own chip. Not hard to do the swap. The hard part was the EGR tube for the visual inspection for emissions ( EGR is disabled in the chip). Only big purchase was the long block and intake.
  4. Davesrer can you elaborate some on that? I was just hoping it would.
  5. There are no 2dr v8 SUV available on the market, and getting a salvage GET800 is cheaper then buying a newer one.
  6. I have a 1999 Tahoe 2dr and would like to upgrade to a newer systems that are in GMT800 models. I am thinking about to swap the entire engine, electrical, dash, seats and door panels. My question is will every thing bolt up with no major cutting or modifications?
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