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  1. I'm just hoping if someone on this topic knows anything about if the SD cards that GM provides (seems like there are a few different ones) for the infotainment device affect how the system works with On Star and XM to set options you get on the settings screen in navigation app? It seems to me that a 55K truck ought to come with all the options that are on screen. The 2015 LTZ and 2017 High Country I had all the options worked with no problems in Nav screen. Thanks everyone for any comments or answers.
  2. Yes accounts are set up. I still think when they put in new SD card they must have re programmed something to turn the features off, and not sure if GM techs at dealer really know anything now. I've been looking on the web and see that there are different SD cards GM has and wished I'd have taken a picture of the original one so I could compare part #'s. have mentioned that to dealer and he said they would try to find old card but not going to hold my breath.
  3. No they are telling me that it's not a function on this nav system I have, think I'm getting the run around because if it's not suppose to work why did it for month.
  4. I'm just trying to figure out why it worked before new sd card was installed and now I'm told my system does not have this function, has anyone had this problem?
  5. Bought 2019 LTZ Silverado and navigation screen said I needed to confirm card was for this vehicle so I did this everytime in start up. All functions worked including live traffic alerts and such, then took into dealer and they kept for three days to try and figure out how to get rid of message and they changed the SD card and got rid of message at start up, now the live traffic alerts will not come on and after another 4 hours at dealer I'm told my system does not have the function. My question is does the Nav card they switched out control that function of system since all the functions worked until they changed the card?
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