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  1. Thanks guys. I'm gonna check all the bulbs today.
  2. Thanks Doug that sounds good. The weird thing about the mirror is it only loses a couple of leds when the headlights are on. Otherwise they all work.
  3. Thanks Tim, I appreciate it. Hopefully I get a couple of hours of decent weather today
  4. Thanks. Seems like a good of place to start as any. Is there a way to test it with my volt meter?
  5. Thanks guys. I haven't dug that deep yet(like I said, carpenter not a mechanic lol). I'll start poking around tomorrow. So would be safe to assume I should start at the headlight circuit? Also, when it first started it was random and one of my guys suggested it was cause I replaced the headlight bulbs.. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi I bought a used 2005 Sierra just over a year ago. I understand my question is a bit wordy lol(just tryin to give a full picture of the issue) please read through. It's had annoying but minor electrical issues from day one. But now it's causing Inspection failure. When no running or headlights are on, the directional work perfectly. For the last 6 month's, when the lights are on, even without turning the signal on, the left(and only the left) signal stays solid. And 2 or 3 of the Less on the side mirror stay out. The right side still works fine. I've changed the signal lever and the module with no change. I might add, one of the original issues were when the lights were off the After market radio will be just static.. Turn the lights on and the radio works fine(hoping that helps diagnosis). I'm a carpenter so no truck = no work Thanks all for any suggestions Roger
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