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  1. Thanks a lot for the input. I am thinking about going with a set for the winter and thinking about takeoffs. Really not sure if they did anything with the brakes on a 22” truck that would hurt me if I went down to an 18” or 20”from an AT4, I don’t want to run spacers. Sounds like I’d be ok. CamGTP - the tires are the Bridgestone Alenza and it sounds like they are as bad or maybe worse than the Michelins you mentioned. One other question - when you swap tires/wheels, does the sensors automatically sync with the computer or do I have to invest in an overpriced tpms tool? So far the dealership has been covering the maintenance but I’ll be doing it next oil change which means tire rotation. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a 2020 Denali with the 22” tires. To say I am disappointed in the performance of the tires would be an understatement. It has trouble coping with 2” of snow on a slight slope. It now has 3900 miles on it and with winter coming on I don’t want to go through another winter with these junk tires. I had a 2000 Sonoma highrider with 15” x 33 BFGs and never worried about the weather. The truck isn’t leveled which I think may limit my choices. I don’t believe I can put BFGs on the 22”s without doing some drastic lift. I am seriously considering a leveling kit but not sure what I should go with. I am also considering 18” wheels so I could go with a decent tire such as BFG KOs. Any suggestions or help is welcome as I am basically new to the Sierra. Thank you.
  3. I've been out of town and unable to access the forum, I thank you all for posting. Just an update I still don't have my truck since the "module" has no ETA. I have contacted GM customer service and I get the song and dance from them that they have no ETA and no way of getting a module. The only thing they have done is get me into a 4 cyl LT Silverado yesterday after much bitching at one of the manager of customer services. She said she would TRY to get me into an equivalent truck - apparently GM doesn't think much of the Denali. 4 cyl Silverado LT equivalent? maybe I'm over reacting but after a month of my truck sitting at the dealership I am at my wits end. I even told customer service to pull a module off the line from a truck being built and let a dealer wait for the truck. No deal "GM doesn't do that". " Parts are allocated per vin number and my case has been escalated to the highest level." So here I sit having no idea when I will see my truck, paying for it monthly and driving a 4 cyl Silverado. I really don't like lawyers and I am not sure I would get any different results except throwing money down the old lawyer hole. I am in Ohio and reading the Ohio Lemon law it doesn't come close to it relating to my situation. As I told the manager "I expected more from GM."
  4. I bought a 2020 Denali the beginning of January and since the dealer didn't have one on hand they found one at another dealership. I took it because it was the color I really wanted and had to wait for them to get it. The night I picked it up the salesman said there was a problem. The power assist step didn't work on the drivers side which ONLY needed a motor which was ordered and be in in 7 - 10 days. I thought ok, it is the color I want and it only needed a motor, I needed to wait for the tonneau cover so I thought the cover could be put on when they installed the motor. Long story short, a week ago Friday my wife dropped the truck off since I work out of town and they gave her an Equinox to drive till the truck was done. That night she was told they needed to order a module for it which would be in Monday or Tuesday and she could still "enjoy" the loaner, I call it a little POS. I called Wednesday and asked about the truck and module, I was told it still hadn't shown up and the guy now says whenever we replace the motor on the steps we replace the module, would have been nice if they ordered it with the motor when I received the truck! Saturday rolls around and still no word. I call about the truck and am told the module still hadn't come in. I was a little aggravated and said in another week the dealership will have the truck more than me, I was then told the manager will call me next week to explain. My question is has anyone else had problems with the steps and am I being fed a line of BS because there are no real mechanics anymore just a bunch of parts changers that go by what they are told by the computer? Also what is the best thing to do to keep these steps in working order once I get it back from the dealer or should I scrap them and put on a regular non moving steps like I had on my 2016 SLT All Terrain? It had the 6" rectangular chrome which I really liked till some idiot decided to run a red light and wipe the front end off it.
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