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  1. 2020 Sierra Crew Cab here. I have the A129 duo as well, read this thread and tried going down the drivers side. I used the hardwire kit and it is powered from the passenger side fuse block, ran up the passenger A pillar behind airbag. The camera is placed on the passenger side behind the rear view mirror. The rear camera wire is tucked under the headliner and ran across to the drivers side A pillar. Then down to the drivers kick panel and along the floor, finally coming up behind the drivers rear C pillar. The rear camera is mounted on the rear window on drivers side. Cable was BARELY long enough. Unfortunately, I too am experiencing trouble with TPMS issues on the front tires. Key FOB remote start sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. And it's hit and miss with passive entry from any of the four doors or tailgate. When I unplug the rear camera, all issues DISAPPEAR. I tried purchasing clamp on ferrites and installed them at both the beginning and end of rear camera cable. Still no luck. My next option is to go along the roof under the headliner, coil up the excess and hope for the best. Will report when I do the next run, unfortunately we just got a foot of snow and I don't want to mess with it until it warms up a bit. For now, I will just unplug the rear camera.
  2. P.P.S. To clarify, the rear view mirror does not contain home link capabilities. Just providing info on achieving the OEM look. As for the OEM homelink buttons on the overhead console, purchase either of the 2 overhead console options with A) homelink, rear slider window, and moonroof options or B) just with the homelink and rear slider window options. Granted you will not be able to do anything with those extra buttons for the rear slider or moonroof options but the homelink will work. It is just a module that screws and plugs in to the overhead console. You could order the homelink module and harness and then cut into you current overhead console, but that would require proper tools to cut the openings without making it look like crap.
  3. What you are looking for is GM Part 13581082. This is the correct auto dim mirror for the T1 style trucks. There is another thread on this forum that goes into much more detail about this topic. It is titled "Rear view mirror options" the thread contains many pics from past owners who went down this road. Very helpful. There are additional threads for those a bit more confident in there abilities and want to add the OEM rear view mirror with camera in the third brake light. Both of these rear view mirror options are plug and play with NO PROGRAMMING or additional modules required. This has been verified many times in other threads. However, the 2nd option is a bit more expensive and involved (adds cost of 3rd brake light with camera, additional wire harness for camera, and the video screen rear view mirror) . P.S. The regular auto dim mirror can usually be found at local salvage yards in 2018 and newer Tahoes/Suburbans. Or you can try searching for it on www.car-part.com. Not a sponsor, this is just where I purchased mine.
  4. Following, want to see if it's possible to add to my 2020 Sierra without the pro tailgate.
  5. It definitely looks brighter on camera than in person. The pic on this thread with the 2 side by side is more realistic.
  6. So I got mine today. The red insert doesn't need to come out like the installation instructions say. It is melted in on the back of the plastic chrome piece. For those who plan on doing this, save yourself the trouble and just remove the individual letters as a whole.
  7. I purchased one on January 24th. Got an email from my local dealer saying it is on back order... will update when it comes in and I will include pictures with write up on install.
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