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  1. Before and after (added Bilstein 5100's for 1.8" lift and 33" Dura Tracs) on factory 20's w/chrome cladding removed:
  2. No doubt....looking good! Love this color and the topper.
  3. good info...thanks. Yeah it just is what it is when making that sort of time.
  4. yeah I had low expectations, it was just worse than expected. I used GPS so the cruise was set at an honest 88 and calculated the MPG manually using the NAV. I knew the level and 33's wasn't going to help it any LOL! I just bought this truck to replace my trusty 06' Silverado SS (2wd), it would get 17mpg driving it hard through the mountains....different animal though..
  5. That was Iowa/Kansas/Okla/Texas with a Uniden R3 (AWESOME detector), Waze and a sharp eye
  6. And not as much frontal area up high in the wind. And that was with more gear too, the SS had a 3.73 compared to the 3.42 in the Sierra.
  7. My last truck was a 2wd 06' Silverado SS with the 6.0 and it'd get 17mpg (with oversize tires) driving it hard through the mountains.
  8. yeah that's what I was afraid I'd here and I'd rather drive fast than squeak out MPG's. Actually just calculated the return trip, different route of 752 miles and my average was 79.44mph.
  9. Tried searching but not much luck, newbie here. Just completed a 1400 mile round trip after installing height adjustable Bilstein's up front and 33" (275/60/20) Dura Trac's. I manually calculated the MPG's using miles from GPS since the DIC is off because of the 33's. Only 14.54mpg all highway....BUT, that's with the cruise nearly always set at 88mph (per GPS), maybe 30 minutes at 95mph. Despite driving fast I had hoped for more than that. My average over 684 miles was 74.62 mph 5.3 4wd (set to 2wd). On the bright side the truck handled fields with a
  10. Used Bilsteins for 1.8" up front coupled with 275/60/20 Dura Tracs on my stock rims, really happy with the ride, MPG's with the cruise set at 88mph was terrible though....
  11. New to me 16' Sierra SLE 5.3 4WD Z71 with some nice equipment. I put Bilstein ride height adjustable shocks up front to level her with 275/60/20 Dura Tracs. Was just up in Iowa with it and she had no problem in getting through my uncles snow covered fields out to his cabin!
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