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  1. I just purchased a 2020 1500 Tuscany Badlander. MSRP was $81,000 and I was able to get it for $66,000. I might have been able to get it for a bit less, but doubtful by much. Happy with the purchase and transaction. As much as I didn't want to pay $66k for a truck, if I would have done all the upgrades on my own, it would have been significantly more than $66k.
  2. Thanks all, I’ll take some pics this weekend and start a new thread. Just need to find a way to get her in the garage! Not critical now, but come hail season, it’s a must!
  3. Thank you! It’s the Tuscany Badlander build. Here’s a pic of what it adds to the truck.
  4. It’s the very top of the header of the garage. To mod the garage would probably cost >$5,000. It’s so close to fitting it’s ridiculous!
  5. New guy here. 2020 Silverado with the Tuscany Badlander edition. Of course with the 6” lift, it won’t fit in the garage by about an inch. That shark fin satellite/nav antenna needs to be gone, or reduced to a puck style. I searched the forum and Google before posting here, but is it possible to remove the fin, or other options? I’m ok with losing some functionality. I’d rather use pandora via my phone, as well as nav, so that I would be able to park in the garage during hail storms, etc. If not, I’ll deal with the risk as I love the truck. But there has to be a way. I may find a reputable radio shop that might be able to fabricate something.
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