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  1. No no problems at all, Luxe auto concepts actually started making these kits for show cars, and the material allows light through pretty well, you may see a decrease in lighting by about 20% but that’s if you even get the darkest tint and still nothing that makes it harder to drive
  2. Appreciate it! It’s hard to decide what to do to it because if you go too far then it just looks wrong. Gotta have the right amount of white and the right amount of black or chrome to accent it
  3. Yeah, it happens. I like the tinted look too, but thank you!
  4. Luxe Auto Concepts, they have different tints and variations and you can choose between a glossy tint or a stealth tint
  5. Can you do a write up on this? Definitely liking it and wondering how hard the swap was.
  6. I used the Lund bug shield from the dealer. After buying the truck I got enough rewards points to get it for free and it looks amazing!
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