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  1. Any one have one? reviews? any wind noise from tie downs? hows it work with tailgate?
  2. Hod did you get the Velcro tape to stick to the liner?
  3. Is there a black exhuast tip? I can’t find it.
  4. The part I don’t get is my dealer says the dealer they got it from says he installed it and wants them to pay..GM is involved and aware and “looking into it”.. my opinion is GM should send exhuast and get it installed, than the three of them can sit in a room and figure out who’s paying as none of that had anything to do with me, the one who paid for something and hasn’t received it.
  5. Also straight in and straight out muffler. Mine enters on the side of muffler exits out the middle. Is that for a 6.2? beautiful garage floor btw.
  6. I’ll take you up on photo offer if they don’t come through. Hopefully won’t come to that. I’m trying to be patient Lol
  7. Trying to be glass have full guy. Still being told performance exhaust was installed. Waiting to hear from GM..
  8. Yep the air intake was done. Stuff happens. I’m good with it all as long as it gets done. I’m just glad I had the info to say wrong. Tech said he hasn’t seen one yet so he didn’t know there was one.
  9. It’s stock. Tech said it was upgraded but I showed him the right one so now I’m waiting for my dealer to talk with the dealer they got it from. Either way it’s getting replaced so thank you all for the info. Saved me some arguing. Lol
  10. Hi all, I recently purchased a Sierra AT 4 that was to have the performance upgrade that included the performance exhaust. I do not believe the dealer installed it. is there a way to visually tell if it was put on? it certainly doesn't sound like it to me.
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