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  1. I’m new to this conversation, but going thru similar issues. Mounted rear camera on the tail of my 30’ travel trailer yesterday, paying attention to getting it mounted on the sweet spot. Entered all my trailer’s dimensions. Got a good picture from the rear camera on my infocenter display in the cab. Went to calibrate for invisible trailer view, nothing happened... Got the display message “drive ahead to calibrate”, but no bar moving across the bottom. Did some Google research, stumbled across some good info on myGMC.com (use myChevy.com if yours is a Chevy). Search for “Transparent Trailer calibration”. Why they used transparent instead of invisible is anyone’s guess. Anyway, it says: Tips • Remove items from the back of your trailer (i.e. a spare tire, bike rack, etc.) before you calibrate the system. They can be reinstalled after you finish the process. So, took off my trailer’s spare tire (which was very visible in the rear camera view when mounted) and drove around a bit, and presto, calibration started. It’s pretty cool once it finally did get calibrated. I then remounted my spare, but unfortunately, I ran out of time and had to store my trailer where I keep when not in use, so I don’t know if I’ll see the same issue others are having with needing to re-calibrate over and over. Will let you know once I get it out of storage and head out on a trip next week. More info: took trailer out of storage today, invisible view did not need recalibration. As I drive home, swapped between “invisible” view and “rear camera” view. After all the sweating over calibrating “invisible”, and despite being cool, I think the straight rear camera view is better. More detail. My opinion. MORE More info: drove 1000 miles MN->MT on Tues/Wed, with several gas/rest stops along the way. First leg, invisible camera view worked ok. After first gas stop, lost calibration. Obviously, never came back... As mentioned above in “More info”, I’m past the invisible idea, gonna stick with just full rear view. Works great, available full time. My truck has HUD, so everything else I need is there, leaving big center display for rear camera view.
  2. New to this forum, thanks everyone for your input. Here’s one I experienced last fall after crossing the US/Canada border in my ‘17 Sierra SLT - switching the speedometer from MPH (US) to KM/H (metric) also changes ALL other displays to metric. Cabin temp, transmission temp, and outside temp displays all go from degrees F to C, tire pressure and oil pressure go from PSI to KPa, fuel economy goes from MPG to L/km, etc. I ended up toggling back and forth often to stay within speed limits and still have an idea of fuel economy. I was pulling a travel trailer and L/km didn’t help me much. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to swap between modes.
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