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  1. Thanks for that info. I did use an existing wire loom bracket as a makeshift alignment tool on the passenger side of the pump. I figured with the gasket for the pickup between the pump and pan was going to create enough pressure for the drivers side. To be honest the pump has those isolation bushings between the housing and the bolts, there is really no play in it.
  2. currently doing a cam swap afm/dod delete, engine in oil pan on. I am a mechanic (not automotive) so I know fasteners feel. I was torquing down the oil pump to 18ft lbs and it felt questionable. What I mean is torque wrench clicked and I doubled checked and I was able to get more rotation from each bolt. I slowly drew each one in again till click. I backed out the bolt to see if a gasket was being pinched but it all looked good. I torqued the pump down again and same issue. Now I am questioning myself. I know from reading and watching that some guys have ha
  3. Any updates on this project, more vids? Do you have a part number for the ARP head bolts? ARP lists a kits for the 6.2 but not 5.3. 234-3710 and 234-3711 with corner bolts.
  4. k2lemon

    AFM DOD delete

    I know the Canadian section is not too active but I thought I would try. Has anyone had a dod afm delete (cam, lifters, etc) installed and tuned? I have a gen V 5.3 I am looking to work on, I am in southern Ontario, are there any shops around that will do this type of work or do the actual tuning? Thanks
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