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  1. Dealer sent me this shipping update this morning Truck was built back in the middle of March End of May maybe Denali 3.0 summit white
  2. My order was accepted Jan 29th , its built ,today the dealership sent me a update Current event 4B00-bayed Delivery Delayed Must be stuck on a trian , somewhere between Mexico and western Canada Denali 3.0 diesel Summit white
  3. Yup there a pain to clean , but really helps to absorb the road noise , especially on gravel. I think there a great idea
  4. Just picked it up Friday Ordered it back in Feb. was built on March 18th sitting at the dealer for a month Diamond coat ,tuxedo cover , need to get 3M done (when things open again) 1289 km trip home used 142 liters of diesel (25 mpg imperial gallon ) traveling @ 138 kph & 20 k head wind One sweet ride !!!!
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