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  1. do you have a level or did you fit 275/70/18 on a bone stock setup?
  2. great to hear, I had the original AT3's on my 2007 Silverado and loved them. Cooper really seems to make a quality tire. I've been looking at tires for the past few weeks, really like the look of the Coopers, also seem a little more rounded than the General Grabbers or the Duratacs and from what I've heard from you and others seems like the Coopers are the right choice.
  3. Roger that, appreciate the reply, on another note, how have you liked the Discoverer XLT's? Mainly how do they feel on the highway, how's the treadwear, and are they noisy?
  4. In your opinion do you think the 285/65/18's would have rubbed without a level? Just curious because on the 22" LTZ models stock wheel setup is 285/45/22, 285/65/18 is less than a half inch taller but same width.
  5. I read your blog, based on your measurements do you think you could fit a 285/65/18 on a completely stock truck? No level, no lift? I mean they put 285/45/22 on the 22" option on some of the LTZ packages and a 285/65/18 is less than a half inch bigger.
  6. Is that what you are running? 285/65/18 Without a level?
  7. Just to clarify did you have to level the front end to fit 285/65/18's? Or was that picture bone stock? Have the same wheels on my 2017 and even with all the threads in here on tire sizes I cannot find a definitive answer on where or not you can shoehorn that size in there with no rubbing.
  8. in your opinion do you think this size tire would have fit with no rubbing without the leveling kit?
  9. Do you think this size would fit without any rubbing or trimming without a level? 285/65/18 is less than a half inch bigger than the 285/45/22's found on some of the LTZ stock models
  10. Great looking truck! Just to confirm are you running 275/70/18 or 285/65/18? And did you have to level the front end to make them fit? Also, great to hear Cooper is still making a quality tire, had a couple pairs of the old AT3's on my 2007 Silverado, great tire!
  11. Really appreciate the feedback, no level or lift on the front end? No rubbing at full lock? And lastly, how do you like the tires? How do they handle on the highway?
  12. I understand there are lots of tire threads on here as I have been through most of them on this forum, I am simply looking for anybody who might be running 285/65/18 Cooper Discoverer XLT's on a non leveled completely stock 14-18 Silverado? The tire size is only slightly bigger than what would be on the 285/45/22 option Chevy offers in these years so I am just looking to see if there is anyone out there who can confirm this setup would work. https://tiresize.com/comparison/
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