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  1. Yep, I was exaggerating what you. Also, you could literally have posted any major media company, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc all say things and immediately change their tune depending on the situation. Heck, WaPo is very bad at it. I mean look at who the commentators are for most of them. Many are members of one party or a certain cabinet. Pretty much take what the media says with a grain of salt.
  2. Which words did I put in your mouth?
  3. I'm not so much asking him to bet on death. He said one thing. I just asked him to bet on the thing he said. It could have been how many rocks are in a box. He made one claim and made his arguments as to why it was true. He claimed the media the media was only giving factual info. I just asked him to put money on it if he is going to make this push his claim is right.
  4. But according to you, the media is perfect and right. You are so informed on it. Ppl like you and the media are trying to freak out so many people with all these BS claims, yet you won't put money behind what you say. It's easy to say things, but it's hard to actually put skin on the line. It's ok. It shows that you really don't think all those millions of Americans are going to die even though you say you do. I don't think millions will either. We both agree.
  5. Ok, well, if you are that negative about this, I'll bet you $1000 that in 2 months, millions of Americans won't be dead from this.
  6. So if the curve is rising like you say and we don't have a vaccine, how does the curve ever go down. Lets say nobody goes out and it does flatten. Then ppl are allowed to go out. More and more people will just keep getting it. That's actually happening in some countries. Talking about the hospitals being full. Almost any time there is an outbreak over anything, the hospitals will be overrun. Again, hospitals try to run efficiently as possible. In terms of the car crash example, did we stop driving cars? Stop going out due to car crashes? You knew what I meant with that and danced around it. Millions of Americans will not die from this. You have to relax. You talk about the President not doing anything, but he was one of the first "leaders" to put in a travel ban to help out. During that time, your beloved media called him racist for it. The media and dems are trying to push this because they know it's their only shot at beating trump in the election. IT's the only reason they are pushing this so hard.
  7. Well, the governments can only do so much. There are so many people involved and everyone has their own agenda, then as you pass things down the line, it gets muddied up. Also, you have to think about how many different disasters can happen. One thing you will see is people talking about these respirators. "We have to get these respirators". Ok, you have to be a respirator tech (can't remember the actual term) to operate them. It takes schooling. The gov't can't force people to go to school for that. Then even if/when the governments tell the hospitals to do something, it has to go through several channels there. The hospitals are there to make money/run efficiently as possible. Well, you have a lot of ppl running these places and only looking at the bottom line....profits. So, they try to run these things like a Toyota assembly line and use "just in time" inventory methods. That's ok for some things, but not for other things. The government isn't really designed to be prepared or proactive on anything. It's a big swampy mess. I'll be far more shocked when I see the gov't work properly. lol
  8. I'm talking about the death from the flu. We aren't shutting down the world for all those deaths. There isn't "good potential" for millions to die over the next few months. The media is only communicating what they want you to know. The models they use.....like the imperial college model is already wrong and has been taken back. If you think the media is just trying to be nice and communicate things honestly, you are fooling yourself. Don't be so naive. If the media talked about car crash deaths every day, you'd never drive a vehicle. People are out buying all the toilet paper due to this....toilet paper. Those are the same people that watch the media 24/7. Based on what you are arguing, if we never find a vaccine for this, we should all lock ourselves in a box for the rest of our lives. Good luck! I'm going to keep living my life like normal and I'll be around once everyone gets burnt out on the paranoia. Remember when the media said everything was going to be ruined due to net neutrality? lol. Yeah, well almost nothing changed.
  9. the "right thing to do". Oh brother. Because people are living and doing things. Hundreds of thousands of ppl die each year from the flu and we don't do a damn thing about it. The media is blowing this up like crazy.
  10. Not many people are going to just sit around. In many states, the lockdown language is so vague that you can still go out. In my state it said you can go out for fresh air, to exercise, to check on ppl, etc. The local lowes has been busy as hell.
  11. I may have said it wrong, but I'm pretty sure that those all come from the S or L variation (they may not actually be considered strains)
  12. That's because there are actually 2 different strands of the coronavirus and very few people are talking about it (I think the S and L strand). That's why some people are just getting the cold and some are getting more serious. Once you get the "better one", you build up immunities to the worse one.
  13. I don't think the truck has to be moving. I haven't even checked the fluid. May be low or bad. But this doesn't seem to be a symptom of low fluid but never know. I just got it on trade and it's at my storage unit so I haven't done a compete inspection. It just seems like some type of engagement issue. If you never dropped it down to 3rd, you wouldn't even know. I was thinking about having my gf hold the brake while I shift the truck into gear with a wrench and seeing if a little pressure on it either way stops the grinding. Heck, you could go D, 2, then 3 and it would be fine.
  14. Trans grinding issue. Anyway, if you are driving the truck with the trans in drive, then shift it down into 3rd, it grinds....the noise reminds me of when you accidentally try to start a vehicle when it's already running and the starter hits the flywheel. No, it isn't the starter. This ONLY happens when shifting from D to 3rd. No matter on the speed. If I go from D to 2nd, it does not do that. If I shift up through the gears, it is fine. The truck shifts through the gears fine. It only grinds when shifting from drive to 3rd manually. Thinking it could be a cable adjustment, but seems odd that it only happens in that situation. Anyone deal with this? Doesn't seem common.
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