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  1. Yes the remote start, sorry. I can start my day or trip with no issues, no engine light. Then for no obvious reason the light comes on both while driving and at start up. It doesn't go off with bumps or jiggling wires, or restarting the pickup. If the engine light is on when i turn off the truck, the remote start will not work. That seems to be the only problem. Eventually the light goes out by itself, usually before I get to autozone... It runs and drives fine with or without the light.
  2. Occasionally my engine light comes on, no noticeable problems while driving or idle. But when I turn it off then try the auto start it won't turn the truck on. Lights flash like normal.
  3. All fuses were good, just the bulb... next ill try to figure them out lol
  4. Anyone else notice the fuse diagram looks nothing like the actual box for the passenger side? I'm trying to find the fuse for the 3rd brake... also what the rest of these fuses actually are...
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