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  1. I have the Zone 2313 control arm installed on my 2018. So far so good. I have what equals out to a 2-5/8” lift. I have bilstein 6112 set at the top setting and made custom 3/8” bottom spacers. The upper control arm is nice and square to the spindle. The cv axles that’s a different story, to correct that, I put in 1/2” diff spacers to help. In reference to what the OP is doing to his truck I beefed up the rear suspension with Zone Add a leaf and Monroe Load adjusting shocks. It gave the rear about a 2” lift over factory I have recently been resea
  2. Oh man, that doesn’t look good! It once was a nice red color; it now looks like used motor oil. May your search find a good reputable trans shop. Please keep us updated on your progress. We may find ourselves in the same boat someday, thanks
  3. The ride didn’t change much, a little less squat when loaded. One of the sets that I installed were on my wife’s truck. She didn’t notice a difference, in ride quality. As for bolts, I used the factory bolts tighten to factory spec. No noticeable play or unusual sounds.
  4. I went through a similar exercise of math when outfitting my rear axle. I ended up using Monroe Load adjusting shock part#: 58640 vs the Chevy spec. part#: 58648 The #58640 are actually spec. to a 2006 Dodge Ram. Dimensions though, allowed darn near 2” additional up travel. While only losing about a 1/4” down travel. The GM is 14mm eye compared to Dodge 9/16” Bonus is, it lifted the rear about a 1” and firmed up the rear end. I now have installed 2 other sets on fellow K2XX owners and so far so good.
  5. Thank you to Grumpy Bear, CamGTP and OP for starting this thread. After reading this thread and a little further investigation I did the “flip” this morning. The trans. warms up quicker and maintains a much more modest temp. Drove 50 miles in 70* temp. freeway 70mph. Temp never went above 155*. Running 33.5” tires, at freeway speeds it would always run just below 200*. 2019 LD
  6. I have installed Monroe Load adjusting shocks on 3 different K2XX trucks. I used Monroe #58640. That part is actually specific to a 2004 Dodge Ram, however it has roughly the same specs as the Silverado, but it has an additional 1-1/2” of height. Once installed it lifted the rear about a inch and stiffened the rear suspension quit nicely. Win-win? ETA: need a floor jack to help installation
  7. FWIW currently running a 305/60r18 on factory wheels and 1” level. No rubbing or trimming. On my other truck have 0 offset wheels with 33”x12.5”x18” and a 2-1/2” level. This one is close to rubbing inner fender towards driver. ETA: both K2XX trucks 4wd
  8. Indeed you are correct, I decided to call the dealer today and they stated at operating temp; low idle; 15 psi on a mechanical gauge is acceptable. Not to mention the dash gauge isn’t a precision instrument. Thank you
  9. Happy Easter! Long time lurker first time poster. I too experience the low oil pressure at idle (15-20 psi). The truck 2019 Silverado LD 5.3 with 1,800 miles. My wife drives a similar truck and it goes down as well. I am interested to see if OP got any clarification from the dealer.
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