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  1. They aren't making them because they don't sell, why would it be worth more for something that sits in the dealer lots ?
  2. This is why I never ordered..... No dealer would/could lock in a price and I won’t wait for months then pay whatever they offer as a price, just to be disappointed and have to walk. I dealt on a 2020 RST That was very close to what I wanted anyway, and timing was perfect.... Early April with tons of stock and awesome deals as they were then trying to sell anything with the economy tanked. Even snagged 0% interest. Good luck, hope you can work out a deal you are happy with
  3. I have my first oil change coming up soon.... I have all the supplies and will do it myself. Most dealers use bulk fill oil and you have no real idea what they are putting in your truck. I could care less if the first one is free.... I don’t need a free headache.
  4. ......yes, the Chevy emblem isn't bad looking so I kept them and pretty happy overall. But don't understand why it's so hard to sell what you advertise. At least I didn't get a GMC logo for my Chevy.
  5. I ordered the door sills directly from Putco and they didn't seem to know either.... Mine had a Chevy emblem, which is fine but not what was advertised. Here's what was stated and below is what I got........."2020 Silverado 1500 Door Sill Plates, Black with Silverado Script Logo "
  6. If I had ordered just a tonneau cover (Bakflip MX4), that was in stock, I would not have had any issues as I received it within 1-week..... The Havoc steps is what started all the issues. What company charges you in full when the order is placed? They had my money for 6-weeks with no shipment. That is just plain wrong.....
  7. Real Truck's online order status and account status never worked at all.....I complained numerous times. Rather than fix it.......Their solution? Eliminate it altogether! You can no longer create an account and see your orders and order status online........that's real nice since you can hardly ever reach them by phone either.
  8. Same here 2-months ago... Ordered steps and Bakflip trifold. Got the Trifold within 1-week but heard nothing on the steps even though they charged my card for the full order. Called them after 2-weeks and after several attempts and waiting on hold I got through......on backorder. OK, then why not let the customer know? I ended up waiting almost 1.5 months for them and they had my money the whole time......that's just not right IMHO. Got the steps and they looked like they were dragged behind the delivery vehicle.......terrible packaging. I'll think twice before ordering from Real Truck again........
  9. Never had a column shifter before my Silverado...... My wife always laughs at me when I reach for the center section to shift into Drive. Hard to train your brain something different when it's almost an instinctive move.
  10. This is obviously a firmware design issue and should be easily duplicated by GM without bringing my vehicle into a dealer that will not do anything about it or sit on it while I have no vehicle.......... I test drove 2 other 2020 Silverados and they do the same thing as mine. "the other Silverados in the lot do the same thing", case closed. 6 people on this short thread already say they have the same issue. Proactive.....not reactive.
  11. Got my 2020 Silverado RST 2-months ago.......love it. GM can change the design on the newer Silverados all they want, I'm good for 10+ years.
  12. Now that there is darn good humor...... ....and it works, don't ask me how I know.
  13. x2 No chemicals needed.......soften them with water for a bit and wipe them off.
  14. What cover is that? That hard Tri-Fold cover looks exactly like the BakFlip MX4 that I have........ Mine leaks a slight bit but not bad......alignment and gasket sealing is critical and so is the torque on the front knobs as that puts pressure on the front seal. You will never get it waterproof but it shouldn't leak like a sieve either.
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