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  1. Yup....wax! Mequiars GoldClass carnauba plus, works well and lasts. Bet most people could not tell the difference between my truck and a ceramic coated truck.....unless you were maybe an expert in the field, which who really cares. Works excellent and looks unbelievable......trick is to clay mitt first so it lasts.
  2. Way to much money for me...... Using a clay mitt and then a good coating of wax every 3-4 months works fine for me. Looks great and I can spend that money on other stuff. JMHO...
  3. They should be standard IMHO....... When I was looking at purchasing my 2020 Silverado it was funny how some dealers ordered them.......most did not get the package that included the liners and other dealers whole inventory of Silverados had liners. Spray in liner and wheel well liners are a must IMHO.
  4. X2 Just pulled about 5K trailer 2000 miles with 35PSI all around.......worked well and handled excellent.
  5. 4" of water into an intake that is over 4 feet high and under the hood......toasting the engine? Something is really fishy here IMHO.....believe what you want, I say there is a lot of information omitted or embellished to make GM look bad and the owner look like he did nothing to cause the issue. I've seen people driving in downpours with road drains plugged and water higher than stupid people would even go through, but then here comes the idiot with his big 4x4 and blast through it as 60 MPH......stupid is as stupid does. You don't think GM tested this? They said no to warranty coverage for a reason. With over 1/2 Million Silverados sold per year if this was a real issue we'd of heard about it a ton by now. It was posted on the internet so it has to be true!
  6. Thanks for your smart @$$ reply when you have zero clue what happened or a single detail surrounding the accident. Yea, I saw him, then hit them head on when they were going the wrong way because I have a dash cam. Im not exposing the details to such a stupid response..... Fact is, the outcome would of been the same with you driving or anyone else in my shoes, guaranteed.
  7. Just me but, I wouldn't spend that much money on Cams...... I have these (front and rear) on my Silverado and my wife's CRV.......Video is excellent, they stay stuck on the Windshield, very small and inconspicuous, and they last a long time. Had these on my prior vehicle for 4-years with zero issues. $55.00 Saved me big time when it captured a wrong way driver coming down a freeway exit ramp and we collided head-on........they tried to make up some stories.......video shown, case closed! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SZNN5RK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I was going to say, what the heck, aren't you sorta pointed the wrong way? Until I read the part that you watched it from the bed.
  9. Change my own oil......don't care for some 16-year old dealership Monkey changing my oil. Mobil 1 @ 2K miles, then every 5K miles after.........do it myself, so easy to do with these trucks........once you remove the lower airdam that is.
  10. All trailer hitches are different and require different drop/rise to have the trailer sit level The above receiver I posted allows for up to 7 1/4" drop or up to 6 1/4" rise (both adjustable). Currently pulling a rental V-nose trailer hauling my 2019 Honda Goldwing for about 1500 miles (see below). This trailer requires almost the full 7" drop to sit level.
  11. MX4 yes, the tailgate still works fine..... Might need to put a little bit of silicone spray on the cover seals so it won't "grab" and allow it to open automatically. Love my MX4.....apply silicone spray maybe once every 6-months.
  12. Out of the vehicles I've either rented or owned that had S/S, my 2020 Silverado works so well and is hardly noticeable....... I just leave it on. Not a big deal and actually works very well........well executed system compared to most.
  13. Exactly what I have... Works great and I always have any trailer at the correct tow height
  14. I have the BakFlip MX4 also and love the cover, very nice and can hold a heavy load of snow in the winter with no issues. Looks great and has a very low profile. As far as your tailgate issue, that is due to the stiff rear seal, what I did is used some silicone spray on a rag and liberally wiped down the rubber seals and it now works perfectly when releasing the tailgate.
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