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  1. What are you guys talking about? I use mine to power my house when the power goes out.
  2. 5.3 here and 5.3 here and has not used a drop of oil...... So, you never check the dipstick from oil change to oil change????? Never heard of anyone trying to measure the oil you drained to see how much was used.......to many variables and a flawed approach. Check the dipstick (by owners manual and on level ground) right after oil change and every 1K miles and see what happens before you go ahead and jump off a bridge with your wild assumptions.
  3. Oh Geez.... The world is so full conspiracy theorists, sell the damn truck and take away all the pain will ya? It’s on the internet so it must be true.......Covid needs to get over with so people can get outside and stop being keyboard warriors. Did ya hear the tires on the Silverado are square and not round? You heard it here.....
  4. Because their server connection is via dial-up.......
  5. Such a clean install..... So by the time they finally figure something out, just how much engine damage has occurred by then? High revs on a cold engine can’t be a good thing.
  6. What a joke.....so typical, the "experts" have no clue as to what is reality. Gee, everyone else is doing it we better too. I'd like to know how "clean" these vehicles are if you 100% track them from birth to grave.
  7. I’d of went back and in front of customers tell them the GMC dealer was able to do the update so stop dishing BS to customers. Help you blow some steam if nothing else......
  8. OFFStar.........love it. Sorry can’t help with the plug.....watching thread as I want it gone also.
  9. Looks like if you don't have XM radio then you know you don't have one of the "special" radios and will not be receiving the update. That includes me.....
  10. Nope.......checked many times but nothing. Sort of gave up on checking...
  11. Only problem is the gal in that picture is about 90-years old now and wrinkly as hell. Unless your measuring sag....
  12. I love the dual exhaust outputs on my RST.......looks very nice and adds a touch of class IMHO. Really could care less that it is not a true dual exhaust....
  13. Very funny! Try that in July and see how far it sinks into the asphalt.
  14. WoW.......speaking of asses. Geez take a chill, extremely sensitive for any particular reason?
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