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  1. Build date was 10/19 Roanoke IN. Im about done with Chevrolet! I also have the pulsing brakes like the ABS is kicking in when lightly pressing the brake at slower speeds!
  2. I have a 2020 1500 custom 4x4 with 1700 miles on it and im hearing the sqeaking chirping noise in the front wheel area while going slow it varies with speed guessing i have the same problem. Grrr i just traded a 2018 Colorado with 9000 miles in on this new truck because of all the tranny problems i was having!
  3. MIne is doing it also 2020 with 1700 miles on it i also have some kind of sqeaking in the front left , Really pissing me off i traded in a 2018 Colorado with 9000 miles because the tranny was JUNK now this !!!
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