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  1. That is good to know. I have also already replaced the tires and twice road forced balanced and aligned 5 times but I do believe the excessive road feel and vibration at hwy speeds is a need for the digital assist to be reprogrammed or replaced as the truck handles great below hwy speeds but after multiple attempts GM won’t acknowledge so not much else I can do. Anyway I appreciate all the comments helps with what to look for.
  2. I would be very interested in what you find out. Sounds positive the 21s don’t drive with so much road feel. My 2020 HD steering responds to every bump on the freeway. Curious if dealers give a fair trade.
  3. I saw on this forum someone with similar road feel problems traded in for a 2021 same hd model and doesnt have the same issue. Drives night vs day different they said. Anyone else have a 2021? My trucks been back to the dealer too many times.
  4. Now I'm confused what to get. Sounds like we need to ask Honda to make an HD truck due to US vehicles are back to the 80s when they didn't make quality vehicles. Still leaning toward Ford. My brother in law just purchase the 2020 F250 and it handles on the freeway nicely. Impressed with it so far. Still wish I could own a GM. I was told today by someone that one of the many GM design problems is in the poor design of the digital steering assist and it is only on the higher versions of the truck that has the digital assist. Don't know if that true but interesting.
  5. Well its time to give up the quest. After constant pulling to right, crazy vibration on the freeway, brakes and continued excessive road feel on the freeway. Driving on the freeway makes the steering move with every tiny bump. Its just not how a modern truck should drive. Had a case number with GM Sr Advisor and was at the dealer for 3 days. That didn't help. Picked it up today and the dealer told me "It drives like GM HDs are supposed to". Nothing I can do but accept GM can't make a decent driving HD truck. I feel like I was conned into the sale. Should have tested the truck greater at higher speeds but I never would have thought. I do like the way the truck looks and the features but.... Anyway be careful before you buy an HD GM. I think they have a lot to figure out on a quality truck. Going to look at Titan XDs and Fords new F150 with Max Payload or Fords Super Duty. RAM has a lot of AC issues that won't work for me.
  6. I fully understand. I purchased a 2020 2500 Denali at the beginning of the year. Its at the dealer once again. Same problems. Alignment, vibration and still awful steering above 50. I cant imagine a modern vehicle driving like this. I should have spent more time on the freeway before I purchased but who would have thought GM could have made this. All I can think of when its on the freeway is driving the green acres tractor. Im about to bail on GM myself. Too bad they can’t engineer a front end it really is a good looking truck and I really want to be proud of it. Anyway GM is now involved with the dealer but to be honest Im not confident in a positive outcome. I believe GM has just messed up on the design the more I learn.
  7. My truck steering is similar. No clunk but loose feeling at freeway speeds. Every tiny bump makes the steering vibrate and move. At 65 there is so much play and movement in the steering. Feels like an old 70s pickup. Cant believe a modern 2020 2500 Denali handles so badly. Only have 3100 miles and hesitant to pull any RV so delaying that purchase. Been to the dealer 4 times for vibration, pulling to right and brakes. They road forced the tires and did something to help alignment and changed the brakes that all helped but the steering is so vintage. They keep telling me this is normal. Should I just unload this thing and buy a Ford 2020 Super Duty or does anyone have a way to save this truck and help me believe GM knows what they are doing. Thx for any advice
  8. Anybody’s 2020 2500 steering feel loose driving on the freeway?
  9. Last year I purchased a 2019 RAM 4x4 Limited Crew Cab 6.4 Gas....I sold it back to dealer months later as the AC was unable to get vent temps below 58 degrees. Some of the vents would only go to 60 degrees. RAM was unable to do anything about it and they tried a number of times. In Texas that is not acceptable. On very hot days my whole family complained about the cab temp being uncomfortable. So I purchased a 2020 GMC 2500 4 x 4 Denali 6.6 Gas. AC is awesome. Vent temps 39-40 degrees in minutes. No comparison. I know this AC problem is fairly common on the HDRAM forums so caution to make sure if you go the RAM route that it cools well on a hot day. I don't know about the 2020 RAMs. But to say all that here are some of my comparison thoughts on the two vehicles. Lets set the AC aside. GMC hands down wins that. Comparison thoughts: Interior is truly a winner on the RAM. Screen, design, (even liked the shifter knob instead of standard lever but that's preference). The Denali is nice and has 8" screen and similar tech that works well but not quite the wow factor as the RAM. Sound system is outstanding in the RAM better than the BOSE in the GMC but that is good as well. Speakers everywhere in RAM. Seats are a bit more comfortable in the RAM but the ride quality is a bit better in the GMC due to the independent front suspension so not as much bouncing around. Still bounce unloaded in GMC but not as much as the RAM. The RAM unloaded had significant bounce so a bit more difficult to focus on the 12 inch screen. Headlights in RAM are excellent and move when you turn left or right. Great visibility, better than the GMC. GMC is LED as well and good but RAM is better to me. The tech in both are similar, GPS are easy in both and work very well. Both you can monitor with an iphone app, both have all the trailer towing settings. Blind spot indicators, lane departure and sensors. The GMC has trailer tire monitoring built in and came with 4 sensors for the trailer. RAM did not have that at the time but I believe it is on the 2020 models. The GMC has a unique HD camera rear view mirror and hologram heads up display which I find very useful. I really like that feature on the GMC. The tow mirrors are all power on the GMC and only fold in/out on the RAM I had to manually deploy to trailer towing. GMC mirrors are larger and easy to use but do look a bit like a lego but I like them in trailer mode on the GMC better than the RAM. Engine they both power and drive about the same to me. Sound similar, can't tell much difference between power and the 8 spd and 6 spd. Similar gas mileage. The RAM had the ability to not use some of the cylinders so a green leaf light would come on when you were driving eco style. The GMC all on no variable cylinder usage. So the RAM was like a video game how long can I keep the green leaf light on for maximum gas mileage....:). So the RAM I could average maybe 1 or 2 mpg better but overall not much difference. My GMC around town I average a little over 12mgp. My RAM about 13mpg but overall they really felt and behaved the same. Truck size is definitely different. The GMC is longer like the mega cab but the space is distributed across the entire truck so a little extra in the back seat (My son really likes the extra inches in the back seat of the GMC crew cab compared to the RAM. The bed gets 6" more is a bit deeper and to be honest the multi pro tailgate has come in handy acts like a set of stairs. I did have RAM boxes on my RAM which we really enjoyed. Great for camping, grocery store, gear...waterproof and lockable but at the expense of bed so depends on what you want to do with your truck. Payload is by far greater with the GMC and that was important. The RAM was about 2300 and my GMC is 3200. We wanted to pull a travel trailer with a hitch weight of about 1000 lbs so the GMC gives us a lot more carrying capacity in the bed when there are 4 people in the cab. We really like that. But the smaller RAM was a bit easier to drive and park around town and it has taken me a bit longer to adjust to the larger truck. Overall both trucks feel quality and capable, look good, comfortable and can tow and haul a lot of stuff. If the AC was not an issue I would have kept and been happy with my RAM. Knowing what I know now I might have purchased the GMC over the RAM (which was not out at the time I ordered my RAM) as I do like the front independent, the tech, greater payload and everything being a bit larger in space in the cab and bed. I did have some vibration trouble with my GMC over 50 mph and there was a service update to the steering computer plus a road force balance corrected that. I did add some MODS to my GMC that have also made it even more enjoyable. Installed a Suspension MAXX steering stabilizer, Bilstein 5100s, Airlift airbags, and Retrax Pro Tonneau cover. Hope this helps thought you would be interested in some of my thoughts.
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