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  1. Really didn't think this would have happened Soo quickly. Bought a 3500 Sierra in March, traded it in this week. After the numerous steering shakes and pops, power steering whining, infotainment system crashing, alignment issues, and thuds with the drivetrain on slow downshifts, I'm done. Ended up trading it in for more than I paid. Good luck out there ladies and gents!
  2. Yes sorry. Front drivers side only. Pass side makes no noise. Nothing else is done to the suspension. No I'm in NY and NC
  3. Could thst be the culprit? I had found the fitting and filled it with grease, I just don't know if that looks under/over filled.
  4. Truck has 3k miles on it. Recently it's been making quite the clunk when going over bumps that are more of a drop and not a compress. Think manhole cover but not speed bump. Originally I thought it was a driver side shock because I know the stockers are trash. Changed them out to some sweet new bilstein 5160s today but still a clunk. I had turned the stock keys about three rotations on each side a while back. Any input?
  5. Does anyone have a photo of the lower ball joint fitting. I'm 99% sure mine isn't serviceable. 2020 sierra 3500
  6. Not a clue, but if you're in the NY area I have a set of the tubular gm ones you can have for cheap!
  7. Seems as if most of the new trucks have come out of the factory misaligned. It won't post the picture right side up, my apologies
  8. Exactly. Doesn't sound great. Maybe it's because the truck is just super quiet? Unnerving especially after I'm thinking of wider tires and bigger rims.
  9. 2020 6.6 gasser, 800 miles. Is anyone else's power steering louder than typical? I feel like I hear the pump/system struggling when the truck is at idle and turning the wheel ever soo slightly. The engine is super quiet but all you hear is groan from the pump. Has fluid and it's not burnt.
  10. Found this OEM accessory: https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2020-sierra-3500-remote-start-upgrade-package-with-powered-tailgate-button-remotes/84312372-p-92308438.html Since I bought an off the lot truck it never came with the remote start. If these remotes get programmed you guys think it will then be remote start capable? Anyone have any experience with these?
  11. Hey yall Have a 2020 sierra 3500 base. It comes with incandescent tails. Has anyone upgraded to the LED oems from the higher trims? Wondering if it will plug and play/hyperflash?
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