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  1. That's good info about the function. I did not know that and probably shouldn't have said that. Had no idea they are wider, that's cool. On the longer part - are they more pliable than GM, so if they hit the ground, they give? It's nice to be able to share info and opinions here without it turning into a mudslinging fest, like seems to happen too often on the forum now days. And yes, lol, I did make that pun.
  2. You sir, know how to make black look amazing! Before this morning, I honestly had never seen the Weathertechs. I have to say, their installation is great. Not sure why GM can't do that. On a personal preference note, I like the look, style and function of the GM ones a bit better though. Seems like you cannot go wrong with either, except the drilling part.
  3. Yes they do. I took a picture to show you but it was terrible and I deleted it, sorry. But I think they actually go slightly below the steps.
  4. I wasn't sure about the look either but like them now. Plus for me, it's the function that really matters since I am on dirt all the time. I cannot keep a truck clean and the tires definitely throw mud and rocks. Attached a picture of how mine looks with them. Isn't it funny how loud the offroad steps are when rocks hit them? Love them though.
  5. Yeah, I understand. Maybe you could skip the U nuts and use some rubber washers and lock nuts instead? Something like that. I think that spot is pretty hidden on the underside. Of course, others have mentioned the no drill Weathertech ones... that's probably a good route. I don't know anything about those but do like these GMC ones. They are about as wide as the tires. What a concept!
  6. Actually, no, you do have to drill into metal once per guard as well. So four total if putting on front and rear. I didn't think of that when writing yesterday because you can get to that spot with a drill and wheel on. I drilled into the metal and used some touch up paint and super lube in the area. But if you are worried about corrosion from it, you might want to take into account that the guards use metal U nuts, which could potentially move around and scratch the paint a little over time too.
  7. I installed the larger GMC ones like shown in this thread, last Thursday. I like them, easy to install, need a rivet gun like was already mentioned. My tip on the drilling part - I did not remove wheels. You are drilling into pretty soft plastic, so I literally turned the drill bit by hand and it got through in a few minutes. Just need a little patience. Probably took same amount of time as removing and reinstalling wheels. Maybe less.
  8. Grip tape is a good idea. The funny part about these steps is when rocks hit them. They are loud with that top metal plate! I'll be putting the larger splash guards on this week or so, see if that reduces the rock clang.
  9. I really do like them. Never planned on getting them but they were included in the original dealer order.
  10. Just joined the forum, figured I'd make this my first post. There are some great looking trucks in this thread! To me, the AT4 is a really awesome all around truck. Picked up my 2020 AT4 CarbonPro Diesel last week. Traded in a 2019 Canyon Denali. Wow, what a difference. I adore this new truck and am seriously in love with the 3.0. If anyone has interest, I wrote up a brief comparison over on Colorado Fans. When I was trying to decide whether to keep the Canyon or go with Sierra, I browsed this forum and CF forum extensively, so thought that post might help others at some point.
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